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I love Luke and Drew… and you!

These are my favorite little people, Luke and Drew.

L to R: Drew and Luke, you don’t see their mom in the photo because we were hiding from her outside of a coffee shop (being careful to avoid the parking lot, of course).

I used to live in the attic above their house (I was a legit attic tenant– not like a creeper or George Bluth). It was a fun and productive era in my life—always covered in stickers and snot, chasing imaginary dragons, reading lots of books, playing lots of hide and seek and memorizing Despicable Me (which only took seven million views, not an exaggeration).  In  fact, seven of the songs from our newest album were birthed in that attic, late in the evening, at less than ideal volumes because I had babies sleeping below me.

As much as I try to be constant in their lives these days, it’s much more difficult when I’m always running from thing to thing, city to city. While I’m off doing my thing, they’re growing up, losing baby fat and suddenly speaking in complete sentences, all the while wearing little mini Toms hipster shoes. So, you can imagine my delight when I was roused from a pre-practice nap recently by a text message containing the following video (you totally should watch it—it’s a whole six seconds long and it showcases how adorable they are).

Although Luke and Drew are quite intimately familiar with “gluten-free,” vegan doesn’t make sense to them. Duh, why in the world wouldn’t you want a hamburger? Yet, in spite of the way that I don’t eat hamburgers, I would have no problem with walking into town with them to hang out at What-a-Burger. It just so happened that  less than an hour before receiving that invitation from them, I had invited Claire over to eat dinner with me before we went to practice. And although Claire is a good friend, and she would totally understand why I would back out and ditch her for the boys, I had sent her out to buy adult beverages to bring to our pre-practice dinner.

I countered with an offer, “Hey guys, since you’ll walk by my house on your way to What-a-Burger, why don’t you stop in and play for a little while?” And they did. And it did good things for my heart, as it always does.

Later that evening, I received the following text message:

“Me: boys, how fun was it to see Sarah Mac???

Luke: it was amazing! A really great evening!”

This was going to be how I blogged to get you  super excited about our album release party and inspired to either come if you’re located nearby or send people that you know if you’re not. Luke is pretty intuitive, if he says that an evening with Sarah Mac is amazing, I’d wager to guess that it most definitely is. So, that was gonna be my sell—tug at your heart strings with cute babies and then suck you in.

Unfortunately, the world just sort of spiraled out of control in the weeks preceding our album release party and I never got to blog my cool video of Luke and Drew to woo you to our album release shows. Luckily, in spite of the fact that I dropped the ball, we had two wonderful, standing room only release shows to usher us into a new era of Sarah Mac Bandness (AND… even though the Tallahassee show was far past bedtime, Luke and Drew’s handlers brought them out for the night, which almost made me cry on stage when I saw two tiny blonde heads way in the back). We had a small army of fans, friends, and family who volunteered their time and skills and helped us pull everything together.

These arrived in the mail the Monday after our Static and Signals release party attended by Luke and Drew.

I can’t even begin to tell you all how thankful we are for all of the help, support and encouragement that we have received on the journey to making this album and even more so, in your response to the final product.  I know that I’ve said this a million times already (not an exaggeration), but when I think about it too long or too hard, it makes my had start swimming, “People are really excited about our dreams.” Thank you so much for helping us get here. Thanks for signing on for the rest of the journey. We’re shooting for a long one. We’re excited to have you along for the ride.

Mama Bear bought me this top specifically for shows because she is a fervent believer that you should always be wearing some “bling” when you’re on stage.


Win, Win. Fail. Win.

The bad news:

Tonight, I was cooking broccoli. But since we (the Sarah Mac Band) had been in a press conference earlier in the day, I left my broccoli cooking on the stove and walked into another room to watch the evening news to see if I looked like a goofball in my interview. Our segment aired at the very end of the newscast. As I was congratulating myself for not being a goofball on TV, I became aware of the acrid, sulfury smell of blackened broccoli wafting into the TV room. UGH! Win on the press conference. Total, utter fail on the broccoli.

The next part is even worse:

Waste not, want not… right? Since I’m a poor, starving artist, I thought that I would try to eat around the blackened parts and maybe cover it up a bit with lemon juice and garlic. Before I got too far into the process, I decided to test it out and see if it was edible. It seemed unwise to use up all of my lemon juice and garlic if the broccoli wasn’t really worth saving. So, I popped a piece in my mouth, straight out of the pan. And then I burned the top of my mouth and made a terrible blister! Win on the saving the broccoli. Total, utter fail on searing a sensitive part of my own body.

The grossest part of the bad news:

Alas, after the fifth attempt, I realized that no matter how I turned it, my phone would not fit into my mouth to capture the destruction of it’s roof.

When I was a child and lost my first tooth, my Grandma Beulah  told me that your new teeth always grow in gold if you don’t stick your tongue in the hole left by the old tooth. Interesting, I always wondered how my elementary school bus driver had gotten her gold teeth… Every time I lost a tooth, I tried in vain to not stick my tongue in the hole, but when things are weird in my mouth, it drives me crazy. So I spent the majority of the evening tonight (when I should have been paying attention in band practice) using my tongue to assess the damage of my blister. Well… that strategy only came into play after I tried in vain to take a picture of the inside of my mouth using my cell phone to see if I could actually see the damage. When that didn’t work, I resorted to my second best option (tongue), which was hard because I’m still haunted by the fact that I accidentally licked all the gold off of my teeth when I was a child. That would have helped with the whole starving artist thing and maybe I never would have been in this situation in the first place!

Then Charlie snapped me back to reality, “Sarah, you need to be singing this part.”

I sang, which was really hard to do considering that I was still messing with my blister. Then all of a sudden, I tasted blood and realized that the skin from my blister was no longer on my blister. Hmmm… it was nowhere to be found. And then it dawned on me, I am no longer vegan. I’m suddenly a meat eater again… and not just any kid of meat eater… a cannibal meat eater! I swallowed my own blister!!

Win on finally getting the lyrics right to our new song. Total utter fail on breaking my 8 month vegan streak (to add to my total, utter fail on the gold teeth front that I’m still trying to recover from) with cannibalism. Hmm… at least, now I have some frame of reference for a song that was very influential for teenaged Sarah.

The good news:

We had a press conference today because we won a contest that will send us to Nashville to the Americana Music Conference in September. I didn’t realize the scope of the contest until today when they announced that 23,000 people voted and the Sarah Mac Band came out on top. We’re over the moon.

Even more awesome is the conference happens one week after the release of our new album from which we released the first single, Baptised on Tuesday. It is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon now. The full length album will be available on Tuesday, September 4th. There will be quite a bit of touring to support this album, so check our website to see when we’ll be near you.

Here’s a video promo for the Baptised single, from footage recorded this Spring when we were in Ohio making this album.

Total utter fail on accidentally de-veganing by consuming your own flesh. Win, win, win on all of the pieces coming together in Sarah Mac Band land to make us really hopeful about the future!