The New SMB

Dear Reader,

We have trained you to believe that SMB stands for “Sarah Mac Band.” Alas, this is no longer the case. We were alerted today (when we were gifted this massive bottle that was so heavy that our three year old friend couldn’t even carry it and he dropped the bottle and squished his toes) that there is a much more financially successful venture out there carrying the same acronym: Super Miracle Bubbles, which are guaranteed to float higher and last longer. I mean, really… you can’t argue with the fact that “miracle” truly IS way better than “Mac.”

In order to provide for an easy transition (and to stay close to our original space when you line up in ABC order), we are moving each of the letters in our acronym up one letter in the alphabet. In order to remain consistent with our Band Goes Green mentality, we will hereby forever from this point on be known as TNC, The Nature Conservancy.

Dangit! That name’s taken, too?

Okay, nevermind. We’ll get back to you…


Sarah Mac Band (for now, at least)


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