COCA Continued…

As many of you may have noticed yesterday, the COCA voting totals have changed significantly and we want to explain.

Last week, Sarah wrote a blog addressing our concerns about what appeared to be voting irregularities un this competition. We noticed that even our own numbers were questionable and called for civility in voting. Also a number of you contacted COCA directly expressing concerns about the voting.

Last weekend we were informed by COCA that they would review all the votes and eliminate the votes that their auditors determined to be not legitimate. Yesterday COCA made those adjustments which resulted in the differences that you have noticed and contacted us about. We couldn’t be happier. Not because we are now in the lead, but because COCA has made a commitment to make sure that this is a fair contest. If we are going to ask you guys to help us, we want to make sure that the whole process is legitimate.

Sure, we lost votes but we knew we would. We have been watching this and knew that some of our big vote tally gains were questionable. This is the reason Sarah sent her email last week. We don’t want fans trying to do something improper to help us win. We truly believe that if we all do this the right way that things could work out for the SMB.

And please understand, we don’t think there was any other band involved in the voting irregularities any more than we were. We really believe it was just over zealous fans that want their favorite to win. We understand that things like that happen, but thankfully COCA decided to address this problem and we thank them.

With this new effort by COCA we are now convinced they are committed to making sure this is a fair competition and we want to encourage all you guys to keep voting. You can do this everyday from your computer and smart phone. You can vote on Facebook, too. Please send the link to all your friends and encourage them to vote too. But please don’t try and make voting “bots” or other things to create more votes than you can legitimately do every day. We are confident that you guys will do this the right way.

We are so honored that you guys support us in this and are willing to help. We thank all of you who raised concerns to COCA and fought for a fair contest. Most of all, we thank you for believing in us often more than we do ourselves.

So keep voting and remember; slow and steady wins the race.




One response to “COCA Continued…

  1. It PAID OFF!! being honest and making your feelings known could have cost you but you did the right thing!

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