You know you’ve made it big…

… When your dad gets recognized more that you do.

Mister Elwood sent me this email not too long ago:

So… I was at lunch on Monday and I took a turn too sharply, hit a curb, and blew out my right rear tire. I limped up St. Augustine Road until I found a safe place to change the tire, and got off the road. However, I couldn’t get the lug nuts off the wheel, so I called AAA for assistance.

When the guy showed up, he recognized me as a familiar face, and after a couple of questions, asked, “Hey, aren’t you Sarah Mac’s father?”

“Yup. Sure am.”

He finished changing my tire and raved about how much he loves my daughter. Then he gave me a cold bottle of water and left.

Small world.

We’ll add this to the list of times he’s been recognized. The other one was when I got an angry phone call from one of my friends, “Dude, I just got cut off in traffic by a jerk with a Sarah Mac Band sticker on his bumper. What kind of car does your dad drive, again?”


One response to “You know you’ve made it big…

  1. Elwood McElhaney

    When people drag their asses in the fast lane on rural highways, I am prone to pass them when I finally get a chance, and then cut sharply back in front of them to give them a taste of their own medicine. I am more than happy to have the Sarah Mac Band share in my revenge.

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