A Hand Clap Type of Guy

Cincinnati: The skyline as we cross the river into the city from Kentucky. Welcome, weary travelers.

Thank you, Ohio, for taking us back like a long lost friend. Thank you for sheltering us and giving us a safe place to chase our muse. We’re pleased to find ourselves back in your arms for one final run.

No, this isn’t a window display at Urban Outfitters. It’s a table outside the kitchen at the Monastery Studio in Cincinnati.

Charts and charts galore of new Sarah Mac Band songs. That totally makes us feel like legit professional musicians.

All of our songs are already pretty solidly determined. Bass, drums, guitar, keys, vocals. Now we’re doing all of the fun stuff… adding new textures and playing around with all kinds of crazy things, including but not limited to…

We weren’t exactly sure what this was when we found it in the storage area…


Ric pounding that vibraphone like a beauty pageant contestant in the talent portion of the evening… except dressed less fancy and way hipper…

…little textural hand percussion stuff…

My favorite one of these is the homemade shaker, made from Tupperware filled with rice and taped closed. If nothing else, musicians are resourceful!

…in a subtle, veiled shout out to my childhood pen pal from Bavaria, a little accordion…

“Wenn ich ein Vöglein wär.” The only German song that I still remember except for this creepy thing by Rammstein that can’t be done on accordion…

…a Little Tikes toy piano pulled from the toy bin in the living quarters of the studio…

The Sarah Mac Band officially endorses Little Tikes brand toy pianos– especially when recording in Ohio, where the company is headquartered.

… lots of do-wops, oohs, aaahs, and finally, my all-time favorite…

Claire, Charlie, and Kevin (awesome studio intern) laying down some soulful whole group hand claps!

When we interviewed with Ric way back in September, at lunch, he asked, “What are you looking for in this album?” We all had a million different things that we’d been brainstorming about, but one non-negotiable. I said, “I just need to have some group hand claps. I love hand claps buried somewhere in a song.” He agreed that he’s a hand clap type of guy, and I was sold.

All week long, I’ve been waiting for it… and then this morning, all that I’ve ever wanted from a studio experience came true!

Hand clapping: While Claire and I hit on the ‘2’ and ‘4,’ Charlie claps lightening speed thirty-second notes. You can’t even see his hands moving!

So faithful readers, as you read this, we’re wrapping up and packing up. All of the gear goes back to their cases. We’re gassing up the van with expensive Ohio gas and getting ready to cross the Mason-Dixon line and head back South super early tomorrow morning. Please light a candle to the Patron Saint of Safe Travel and we’ll hope to see you this weekend.

Saturday in Thomasville, GA!!


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