You’re the Storm That I Believe In

“Carved your name across 3 counties, ground it in with bloody hides. Their broken necks will line the ditch ‘til you stip it, stop it. Stop this madness. I have waited with a glacier’s patience, smashed every transformer with every trailer ‘til nothing was left standing 65 miles wide. This tornado loves you. This tornado loves you.” –“This Tornado Loves You” by Neko Case

A blur of sound and motion. Events spiraling faster than my head can recognize and compute. I am breathing in a whirlwind of living music. It’s twisting and thrashing me. I’m not sure where it will spit me out, but at least for right now I’m flying. Hoping that when I come down, it’s on something that will soften the impact a bed of hay bales from a demolished barn or a mattress ripped from someone’s home.

The good thing is that I’m moving.

Fast. Furious. I’m tired, but I’m ready. I’m not scared.

This is what I’ve wanted all my life and I’ll fight for it.

“You’re the storm that I believe in.” –“You’re the Storm” by the Cardigans

We learned from the storms and now we’re making our own.

Spiraling around a heart, a bond, a vision, a love that we have been nursing for 10 years. Viciously protecting it, sucking out the pressure, dancing in rings like pagans. We’re blowing through the Fujita Scale.

Charlie says to turn it up to (F) 11.

Fast. Furious. We’re tired, but we’re ready. We’re not scared.

Stand out under the spooky yellow sky and we’ll pull you along. Even if you hide in your cellar, this could very well be massive enough and wield  enough power to suck you out of the ground into the vortex.

“This tornado loves you.”


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