A postcard to my parents…

A postcard from Cincinnati…

"Greetings from Cincinnati, Ohio!"

"Downtown Cincinnati: Wish you were here!"

Oh my goodness. There is so much fullness in my heart that I think that it might burst. Charlie says that I’ve been smiling since we stepped foot into this studio. I have been saying something else just a little bit dirtier, but that carries the same sentiment.

SMB with Ric Hordinski

Sarah Mac: dazed and amazed.

We’re progressing nicely with this album.

I sent a post card to my parents today where I told them that I think that they will be so proud of this album. I think that my dad will probably be so proud that he cries a little bit. Thinking of that makes me cry a little bit.

Claire never cries… like ever. When we were listening to the playback of one of our songs, she choked up a little bit. That’s saying something. It really is.

I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing this experience is.

This is the perfect storm of magic, skill, guidance, God, creativity, and the universe smiling on us. All of the pieces are coming together so nicely.

Ric is so good at coaxing wonderful things out of us. Ric is so good at coaxing wonderful things out of our songs. Who knew that what we wrote was this amazing?

And when I say that, I don’t say it in a sassy way that would make you think that I’m big headed. I say it in a way that is completely awed and amazed and overwhelmed.

Before we broke for lunch this morning, we were talking through the most efficient way to use the rest of the day and tomorrow and hashed out our dates to come back and finish (we already knew that it would take more than one trip to finish this beast). Ric said, “I think that this is going to be a great album.”

I think so, too.

I’m so excited.

I can’t wait to share this with you.

In the meantime, in order to keep safe and not tempt fate after our near death experiences last St. Patrick’s Day, we’re staying in tonight and having a ping-pong death match in the studio. Stay tuned for the results. Charlie is currently the reigning champ, but my money is on Claire because she’s got a crazy competitive streak akin to that of my Mama Bear.


2 responses to “A postcard to my parents…

  1. Are the songs on this album ones that you have written? I think the ones that you have written are absolutely life-giving and life-rendering. You (all) perform covers great, but I really hear your heart speak when it comes from that place of pain, or joy (and, when it pours out of your soul it just SOUNDS better!) Prayers for success in the journey!

  2. Well praise Jesus! And your alternative phrase for smiling since you walked in the the studio?…Sarah…. *shakes head* 😉

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