I think that I just fell in love…

…with working in the studio.

It has never been something that I enjoyed. It’s too hard. It reveals too many of my flaws. It makes me feel inadequate and less of a musician, singer, woman, and even less of a person as I get short and irritable as the session stretches out.

Yesterday was different. Today is different.

It’s gray and stormy outside, but inside, everything is alive, pulsating with energy. Synergy. Sensuality.

We have a fantastic session musician here today adding in the drums and percussion tracks.I don’t think that I actually even imagined our songs sounding this good.

I feel like I just came alive for the first time in my life. I can’t stop shaking.

This is the way that it’s supposed to be.

Of course, Charlie says that everything will change when it’s me singing again. Today, I have a bit of a break while he and Claire work with the drummer to lay down their parts. And maybe it will change when it’s my turn again and suddenly I’m confronted again with my inability to make a voice come out of me like I imagine it in my head. Or maybe this will be my inspiration to power through. Maybe I’ll be lucky and enough of the magic will seep through my skin today and still be in me tomorrow when it’s my turn.

If not, I’ll just read back through this blog entry and try to remember how beautiful it is now.

And in other news, this morning, while we were working on “Satisfied,” David Wilcox walked in and hung tight for an hour or so.

Yay! Claire with David Wilcox. He stopped in during his slow jaunt through the Midwest.

You can get a little taste of what it’s like here if you tune in to our live streaming concert tonight from the studio. We’ll see you tonight at 9 EST on the interwebs.

We are going to play another special acoustic(ish) show this Thursday night ONLINE! That’s right – no pressure to come out late, fight traffic, get dressed, etc. Just sink on down into your couch in your jammies! The most exciting part is that we will be doing this one LIVE from the recording studio in Cincinnati, OH! Perhaps we’ll even take you guys on a tour…..

JOIN US to be among the first to see and hear some brand new songs for the new album!

We’ve been asked this question a lot – yes, there will be video and audio!

Live Acoustic ONLINE Concert
9pm EST


3 responses to “I think that I just fell in love…

  1. Good to hear it’s going so well!

    And hey, we all really like the voice that actually comes out of you, so maybe stop worrying about the voice you can’t get to come out of you and just enjoy the one that does come out of you as much as the rest of us. 🙂

  2. Kathleen Smith

    Just focus on BEing you and staying in the moment. The Sarah Mac Band is absolutely incredible and you are ever evolving!

    I had to take a second look when I saw the photo of Claire and David Wilcox, I am seriously David’s biggest fan (it’s a little creepy 🙂 ), and have been since I first heard his music in 1989. I have seen him live many times and am thrilled to know you are connected. Looking forward to tuning in tonight! -Kathleen

  3. Awesome to hear. I hope/pray you can feel this way for the rest of your time there.

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