T-minus 26 hours…

In 26 hours, the Sarah Mac Band will load up the minivan and embark on our next big adventure– a trip to Cincinnati to record our next full length studio album. I already have problems with not sleeping, so this makes it even worse. I’m fidgety and full of nervous energy, flittering on the fulcrum, dipping alternately into “kid anxiously awaiting Christmas morning” and “grown-up fretting over all of the things that have to be done before I can leave town.”

Right now, I’m on a break from checking off items on my before-I-leave-town to-do list. Laundry, waiting to be folded and packed for the road and a bathroom that still needs to be swept and mopped are on hold while I catch up on my blog. Although it doesn’t seem quite as urgent, it is infinitely more fun.

The epic blog entry about my daddy that I’ve been working on for a week has yet to materialize, but there are some fun new additions to the Band Goes Green blog.

I do vow, however, to blog every day while we’re in Cincinnati about our recording experience. I think that it’s such a fun, unique, exciting thing to do, that I can’t keep it to myself. I want to share it with you guys. If I were in your position, I would want me to share what’s going on. But, that might be because I’m kind of a busybody and a creeper and I always want to have my nose in everyone else’s business…

Here’s the thing—I’ll give you a free pass to have your nose in our business while we’re in the studio and not feel like a creeper. We want you to know what’s going on because ultimately, you’ve made this possible. This is your project, too.

(Thank you so much, by the way!!)

I don’t have the most updated numbers from Claire yet, but I think that we’re at about 85% of our fund raising goal for this project. If you’re still considering contributing, we really need your help. If you’re not thinking about contributing, it still makes up happy that you’re even reading this blog posting. Obviously, if there’s not an audience for our work in the first place, then there’s not a whole lot of point in us making an album in the first place…

Here’s my hope for this upcoming album….

If it’s even half as good as Lyle Lovett’s new album, then I can die a happy woman. I’m not kidding. I know that it’s sort of uncool to love Lyle Lovett, but listen to this album and you’ll understand.

See you guys on the flip side. Pray for our van to make it and for us to get through Atlanta rush hour traffic unscathed.

Love y’all!!


One response to “T-minus 26 hours…

  1. No funds available, but you know I can take care of that bathroom while you are gone! Seriously! It would make me feel like I was a fun part of making this happen for you guys! Excited for the ROAD TRIP and the entire process!! Thanks for letting us be nosy friends. 🙂

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