Legolas and Gimli’s Drinking Game


Carolina Chocolate Drops at Florida State University’s Ruby Diamond Auditorium as part of the Seven Days of Opening Nights Festival

Cornbread and butterbeans and you across the table · Eating beans and making love as long as I am able · Growing corn and cotton too, and when the day is over · Ride the mule and cut the fool and love again all over –Carolina Chocolate Drops

Claire and I went to see the Carolina Chocolate Drops in concert earlier this week. It was a magnificent show; energetic, dynamic, quality musicianship, and just plain out fun. With enough experience at live concerts to know that this one would be a good one, we decided to break fast momentarily to preemptively  celebrate by imbibing an adult beverage each. My adult beverage of choice is bourbon, which I did not find at the bar. So instead, I had a tepid frou-frou white wine in a plastic cup.

I’m drinking again and building up my tolerance against the things that used to make me sick. –Sarah Mac (yet to be finished Sarah Mac Band song)

I was already a lightweight (like, ridiculously low tolerance for alcohol—don’t ever really even get drunk because I just laugh a little bit and then fall asleep), but now that we’re on the Band Goes Green diet and abstaining from alcohol, it’s far more so. Please watch this video to get an idea of the scene. In this particular vignette, Legolas would represent Claire, stoic with her gin and tonics; Gimli would represent me, still thinking I’m the funniest person in the world at the Carolina Chocolate Drops’ set break (an hour later).

The Carolina Chocolate Drops played quite a bit of the music from their upcoming album, to be released next Tuesday (February 28th). Then they unabashedly promoted their new album. I always get uncomfortable hocking my own wares because I think that it’s going to sound narcissistic and obnoxious. But as an audience member (and not just because I was a little buzzed), I was genuinely excited for them and wanted to be a part of what they were doing. It gave me a good perspective to carry with me into the next phase of the Sarah Mac Band’s development: the making of our third full-length studio album.

In my last few weeks of weird transition, I’ve had to learn to ask for help. If we’re being honest, that’s not high up on my list of “things that I enjoy doing.” It’s down near the bottom next to “anchoring on a sandbar to go swimming, jumping out of your boat and landing on a sea urchin,” and “when you’ve slept funny and you wake up in the middle of the night with your arms asleep.” But the Sarah Mac Band, although full of fun ideas, are not necessarily full of money and we’ve launched a fundraiser to help offset the cost of the album that we’ll be recording in Cincinnati in a few weeks.

We still have a ways to go, but it’s been humbling and overwhelming to have so many people respond with such grace and support (and often humor) to our call for help. Here’s an example of the kind of stuff that we’ve been getting in the mail all week (along with checks of course… Claire and Charlie would shoot me like a Cincinnati mugger if I encouraged you to do this, but maybe if one person wanted to send vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free chocolate chip cookies instead of a check, that would be okay?).

I’ve been mugged once. It sucked and I don’t really want to relive that experience. Maybe since he’s not loaning us one of his guns, I could sing to soothe the savage beast like David did to King Saul in the Bible??

As you see from the video, there are a ton of cool incentives for those who donate to support the project. We thought that since you guys are pouring your good will out all over us that we might do some fun things to reciprocate that. So, tomorrow, we’re streaming a live acoustic concert from Charlie’s living room on the internet for all to see.

The benefits of this are as follows:

1)      You don’t have to put on your high heels and fanciness. You can watch us in your flannel jammies, if you want to. We’ll never know.

2)      You can just click on the link that we’ll give you and watch from any computer that’s connected to the interwebs. That means that you don’t have to drive out late to the skeezy side of town to go and see us at a smoky rock club with dirty bathrooms. In fact, you don’t have to drive anywhere, so you can drink as many beers as Gimli (see above) and still be (relatively) safe and responsible.

3)      It’s free! You don’t have to pay anything—except your internet bill (unless you steal your neighbor’s unprotected wireless!!).

Alright folks, I have to go and practice my mandolin for tomorrow’s gig. I’ll see you there; or I won’t, rather. But you’ll see me. I’ll be the one inside your computer singing some new songs from our upcoming album!!


Live Acoustic ONLINE Concert

9pm EST


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