Music Festival

Libby O’Neill, the addition ⅔ level member (⅔ instead of full member because she won’t quit her grown up job to be a full time, next-to-nothing-paid violinist and utility infielder for the Sarah Mac Band) sent me a copy of the lineup for Bonaroo 2012 yesterday with a message that said, “OH EM GEE! Who wants to go?” The first thing that I noticed was that the Sarah Mac Band wasn’t on the lineup… not even in the fine print. Wonder how that mix-up happened…. Either way, I was excited about going. Just look at all of the fun people who will be playing… and sweaty and armpit/pot/patchouli/port-o-john smelling in the middle of a field in the steamy Tennessee summer!

Bonnaroo 2012 Lineup. For real, I am excited about it, in spite of the fact that I’m not keen on roughing it. After all, going camping was on my list of goals for 2012.



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