Band Goes Green

It’s hard to believe that we’re already in February! January went by so much faster than 31 days. Part of that is because I’ve been in a whirlwind of transition in my life. The other part is that the Sarah Mac Band has been touring and playing non-stop all month. Both of those things are good—or at least have a good trajectory, even though they’re sometimes rough in the actual practice of moving through them. But I feel like for the most part, I’m finishing January strong and I’m excited about what February will bring.

On principle, I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. This year however, loosely based on a practice that takes place in our home every year on Housemate’s birthday, I made a list of things that I would like to accomplish before next year. Some of them are big, grand goals that might not make it and some are little things that I love doing but get too busy to do. I feel like there is less pressure this way—it’s not a resolution that will make me feel like a failure if I break, but more like a reminder of  the things that I would like to see come to fruition in the world of Sarah Mac before this time rolls around again next year. And if they don’t happen, I can reassess—roll them over until 2013 (if the world doesn’t end in December of this year as the Mayan calendar predicts), or decide that they’re really not that important.

The list of 2012 goals has 32 items (33, now that I remembered last weekend that I’d like to try Cosmic Bowling this year). Here are the highlights:

  • Wear high heels whenever possible
  • Walk through a corn maze
  • Give generous gifts
  • Go fishing
  • Learn to rock the liquid eyeliner
  • Get a pair of cowboy boots
  • Touch the Mississippi River
  • Seek self-discipline
  • Go on an adventure (Claire says that this one shouldn’t count since it’s too subjective and not easily measured. She thinks that I’ll never know if I’ve actually accomplished it or not because there are no clear cut parameters. Maybe I’m just romantic, but I earnestly believe that when I hit my adventure, I’ll know it down to my very marrow.)
  • Read 52 books in the calendar year
  • Try out veganism for 1 month

At this point, I’ve read two books, worn high heels, and failed miserably at the eyeliner. I’ve also honest to goodness been vegan for the entire month of January.

It’s been a little bit more difficult than I imagined it would be—especially when we’re on the road. But, I shredded veggies and bagged them, filled jars with garbanzo beans, and packed almond milk all in a teensy cooler that fits in the seat next to me in the van, between the edge of the piano case and the merch box. I honestly thought that I would cave and just get pizza with them or something—especially when we hit day 5 on the road and all of my lettuce got soggy. But, shockingly, they helped me out by eating places where I would have options and supported me as I held my ground [practicing that whole “seek self-discipline” goal for 2012] and survived the month.

Vegan dinner on Claire’s back porch.

Now as I’m finding myself ready to give up the vegan fast and delve back into the world of melted cheese and eggs (you can’t have delicious baked goods without eggs—or at least convenient ones), the band is jumping on board with the vegan fasting as well! And we’ve turned it into a full out detox—vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, caffeine-free, alcohol-free for three weeks. We’re watching documentaries, devouring any books that we can find on plant-based nutrition, shopping at the farmers’ market, buying vegan cookbooks, scouring the internet for resources, and eating dinner together most nights of the week. It’s actually becoming a really fun project for us—especially since now we’re getting to do something fun together that isn’t music. Not that we don’t love doing music together, but this is a new flavor for our conversations. I’m thinking that if we see favorable results, then we might just keep on keeping on indefinitely.

Claire had a great idea last week. She suggested that we keep a blog recording our experiences (triumphs and struggles) and we’ve been working on it off and on since then.

Introducing, for your reading pleasure—whether it’s because you want to join in our journey or just because you want to laugh at all of the crazy shit we’re eating—the Sarah Mac Band’s new blog: Band Goes Green. You can keep up with our Band Goes Green journey by signing up to “follow us via email” in the space provided at the bottom right hand portion of your screen. You won’t get spammed, but you will get an email any time we add a new post or recipe.

Live Long and Prosper—literally! A green smoothie a day keeps the Romulans away!

Cheers guys! (And by cheers, I don’t mean a toast with alcohol… I mean, kale, cucumbers, broccoli sprouts, lemon juice, lettuce, all blended up with coconut water!!)

Check out our new Band Goes Green blog:

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One response to “Band Goes Green

  1. Holy Moly Cannolli… you guys crack me up. No alchohol, really????? I’m not saying I’ll join in on your “green” adventures but I totally want to hear about them!
    By the way, Sarah, I can totally hook you up with numbers 4 & 9 on your list…you guys need to stay with the Logans on your next St. Pete trip and fish off of our Hobie Kayaks, Mark makes a mean bloody mary (oops no alchohol) I mean good eggs (shit) I mean spinach!

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