Always wear your seatbelts…

Hi everyone. I’ve been a bum these last few weeks. Sorry. I’ve been diligently preparing for our live  recording that happened last night and will happen again tonight. Here’s a video that I found today on Youtube that someone took with their fancy phone last night [Side note: Mister Elwood took me out and got me an iPhone this morning, so now I’ve officially joined the ranks of the “fancy-phoned.” Although, I still don’t know how the heck to use it, so I’ll have to get Claire to give me some lessons before I am able to post videos taken with my fancy phone on Youtube.]. I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek at what you might expect on your Live Covers Volume 1 album when you buy it in early December.

Two other notes:

  1. If you’re thinking that you might be interested in driving to Sopchoppy tonight to be a part of the live recordings that will happen at 8PM at the From the Heart of Sopchoppy Recording Studio, someone just got in touch with us and has 2 tickets that they would like to sell.  Please email Claire ( if you’d like to buy those tickets and we’ll hold them for you at the door. You might want to include your phone number in that email so that she can call you and give you the skinny.
  2. Tickets are now on sale for our Tallahassee Christmas show. Your can get yours here. I’m not sure about tickets for our out of town Christmas shows. I know that there are Facebook events for them, but I’m  not sure how ticket sales will happen since those tickets are sold through the actual venues. Check back with those. I’ll research that and post it later.

Okay kids, I just wanted to post quickly and give you a heads up to let you know what’s happening here in Sarah Mac Band world. I’ll post another epic blog later this weekend once life slows down a bit and I’ve caught up on sleep. Until then, keep on rocking in the free world and always wear your seatbelts!



One response to “Always wear your seatbelts…

  1. great video! loved the guitar part!

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