Jury duty is going to kill me…

On Sunday, the Sarah Mac Band was in attendance at the wedding event of the century. No, these were not the nuptials of William and Kate, nor those of Edward and Bella (in theaters near you on November 18th), but rather, those of some vital members of Team Sarah Mac Band: Kyle and Becca. Kyle and Becca have been our advocates, encouragement, merchandise salespeople, bouncers, and road crew over the years, as well as always providing a non-performer perspective for our 3AM post-gig debriefs as many a What-A-Burger (also a good veg fast food option between the hours of 11PM and 11AM).

See how nice we clean up? Seriously, who wouldn’t want us at their wedding? Currently available for hire if you need a low-level local celebrity appearance at your event.

One of the coolest things about being in a face-melting rock band (or the Sarah Mac Band) is the opportunity it affords us to meet people and be a part of their life. And it’s cool to be able to support Kyle and Becca and revel in their moment of glory after so many years of them doing the same for us.

The bad side to having a team Sarah Mac Band wedding is that it completely conflicted with a party that Housemate was having at our house. I totally promised to be there and help with the food before I realized that I’m a flake and had double booked (Claire keeps us all in line with the Sarah Mac Band schedule, but sometimes I’m not the sharpest with keeping my personal schedule). Parties come and go, but you only get married once (ideally), so I chose to go to the wedding and left Housemate home alone to face the party—which totally got me two steps closer to getting traded in for a newer, better model. I guess that the Universe sided with Housemate because after I bailed on the party at home, I was up early this morning serving my penance. At 7:25 AM, I found myself weaving through traffic to arrive at the courthouse, wearing too-tight dress pants that I haven’t even looked at since I wore them to a funeral this summer and crammed into a teensy room, watching CNN cycle the same three stories over and over again with 100 of my closest friends (that I’ve never met before) as we all awaited jury selection.

Although I’ve done jury duty before, I’ve never really paid attention. My observations are these:

1)      I’m pretty confident that they wouldn’t let me do this anyway, but past that, I’m not sure that there’s a way to do it ethically and still keep it a secret from the participants, but I would love to do some kind of social psychology study to see how all of these people crammed together behave in different circumstances. Already at 8:45, we had one lady crying, one kind of mean guy yell at another guy (like for real yell), and the emergence of a  middle-aged attention seeking class clown. And that’s just left to our own devices. Imagine what kinds of things an experimenter could insight if they were to introduce some sort of funky stimuli (or at least perception of one)?!? I wonder what far reaches of the realms of acceptable behavior we might reach or surpass.

True words from Sarah Mac: “Jury duty is dirty business. Please for the sake of yourself and others cover your mouth when you cough and always ‘hanitize.’”

2)      That place is dirty. All of these people crammed into a tiny room full of plastic chairs with their forearms touching in the armrests, sneezing, breathing, burping and I’m sure that the cleaning people don’t Lysol the chairs at the end of the day. This is just a yucky way to spread germs and breed disease. It’s bad enough that the flu season is in full swing, but imagine if we were in the midst of an epidemic of “the Supreme Death Causing Yuck,” the cost of your civic duty to keep society from crumbling to chaos and anarchy would be much higher. Who knows maybe I was already exposed to patient zero this morning and the outbreak has begun. Even if that’s not the case, I sat next to a guy that I’m pretty sure is secretly a serial killer, so either way, my jury duty is going to kill me.

3)      Because I was chatting up Kenny Killer in the aforementioned disease breeding ground all morning, and not in my home or car, I was not listening to the radio and missed the Sarah Mac Band on NPR. I knew that it was happening because my phone was blowing up! If you were not one of the ones that called me to say that you heard it, and it just so happens that you missed it, please feel free to listen here, by clicking this link.

If you can’t listen to it because you’re secretly reading this blog at work and don’t want the guy in the next cubicle to know that you’re taking a little break from spreadsheets, here’s the gist of the NPR story.

The Sarah Mac Band is recording a live album comprised exclusively of cover songs. This album will be recorded in front of a ticketed live audience. You are invited to be a part of the event, although you can’t come the first night because it sold out in four days. We’ve added another day, for which there are a few (and I really mean a super scant few) tickets left. You can buy yours here.

And now, the final tidbit for you, our fine readers, is a reminder that tomorrow (Tuesday, October 25th) ends the Sarah Mac Band’s October residency at the Mockingbird Café. This is your last chance (at least in the near future) to be a part of a great night of food, drinks, and friends at Tallahassee’s only listening room (or at least our best attempt at a listening room). In fact, although I don’t have Claire here to confirm my vague recollection of the Sarah Mac Band schedule, I think that it might be your last opportunity to see us in Tallahassee before we finish out our traveling Christmas show in mid-December.

We hope to see you there—At the Mockingbird, at the live covers recording in a few weeks, in December at the Christmas show, at many more Team Sarah Mac Band weddings, but hopefully (for you) not at jury duty. If you do get called up, make sure that you:

1) Wash your hands frequently.

2) Keep rocking steady.


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