Things that I have learned from being in a touring band

Things that I have learned from being in a midlevel touring band (the lower end of the midlevel spectrum, of course):

  1. How to gauge the cleanliness and usability of a rest station, restaurant, or gas station rest room before I have even entered the facility.
  2. How to cleverly (and with kindness and gentleness) evade really invasive personal questions, inappropriate touching, and weird requests from total strangers. For example, “I know you’re not supposed to say this to a woman, but…. (fill-in-the-blank-with-the-worst-you-can-imagine-and-I’ve-probably-gotten-it)”
  3. It is always a good thing to check to make sure that your van does not run out of oil.
  4. Interestingly enough, Chick-Fil-A has proven to be the best fast food restaurant for vegetarian options. Too bad it’s closed on Sundays and late nights.
  5. How to completely change your wardrobe in a publicly parked car while keeping all of your private parts private.
  6. That I can sleep any time day or night, sitting up, with loud noises all around me, as long as I’m in a moving vehicle.
  7. All of the intimate details, contours, and nuances of Interstate 75.
  8. How to pack a week’s worth of clothes, shoes, hair dryer, towel, books, makeup, toiletries, and flannel jammies into one small bag (Hmmm… maybe it would count more as medium sized? It is smaller than most airplane carry-on bags, though.)
  9. If you stop at a gas station anytime after 2 AM to get coffee to fuel the rest of your all-night drive, it will inevitably take you at least 20 minutes to get your purchases because the attendant will be super-excited to have someone to talk to. And unless you’re just rude, you’ll probably have a hard time getting out of there in any reasonable amount of time (see #2 above).
  10. How to laugh at myself, Claire and Charlie, and enjoy every minute of it!

2 responses to “Things that I have learned from being in a touring band

  1. for #8 your Sarah’s bag of holding, well it has often impressed me. And I can travel for a few weeks in a backpack.

  2. I evade innappropriate touching by SMACKING people!
    I get that’s not clever…

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