So I was going to post and then…

When I start a blog, it’s never really a haphazard thing. The thought to blog and the idea of what to do has been twisting around in my head, reinventing itself for at least two days before it hits the interwebs– sometimes a week , even. When on Sunday  night, I got a text message informing me that an abundance of fresh produce was coming my way via the kind farmers at The Strawberry Patch in Meansville, GA, I got excited. Not just free food, a delightful usherance into autumn with pumpkins and winter squash, but another well-planned blog entry as well!

Of course, as it often happens with me (because the universe has a sense of humor and maybe figures that I can take a joke??), even my well thought out plans with crossed Ts and dotted Is, and all of the contingencies accounted for failed miserably!!!

When all of the produce came home, I emptied my bags out onto the kitchen floor and admired each piece. Then I made them into a lovely centerpiece on the dining room table, because my shelf in the community house pantry is far to small to accommodate such bounty. I went upstairs to the little attic apartment to find my camera so that I could take a photo to support all of the sweet things that I would write in my blog posting about enjoying the simple things and how grateful I am to so frequently be the recipient of such generosity and thoughtfulness. But alas, my camera is  somewhere else… I’m thinking that it’s probably sitting somewhere in Port St. Joe on the grounds of the PojoLive Music Festival that we played last weekend.

There was a brief moment when I thought about borrowing Housemate’s camera to document the gift. Housemate keeps a blog which is peppered with photos, links,  and funny stories, chronicling all of the adventures of the community house. Unfortunately, as I looked at the fancy camera sitting on the counter, I wasn’t sure:

1) How to turn it on

2) How to get the pictures off of it once I got them on it

So, for now, at least until I can figure out how to use these newfangled contraptions that require more than just point and click, I’ll have to use a different photo of another instance when I was totally blessed by someone’s thoughtfulness.

One day I arrived at the studio to find a bag of Dave’s fresh picked tomatoes waiting for me. Goodness abounds in the form of fresh marinara sauce and clown noses.

There’s a part of me that thinks that if you only live grateful when things are good, that it invalidates the whole concept. That being said, I still think it’s totally okay to delight in the good times and relish them– besides, you’ll need something to remember when the bad times come and help you realign your focus. So, thanks guys for all that you do in big ways and small ways to keep me, and the Sarah Mac Band as a whole, focused on the big picture and seeing all of the good that we’re swimming in!

The Sarah Mac Band is hitting the road in a few hours for a little string of out of town dates. I’ve only gotten through one acorn squash from my most recent gifting of produce, so let’s hope that it holds until I get home because I found a great veg recipe for stuffed flying saucer squash!

See you on the flip side! Keep it real. Let’s hope that Claire is generous this weekend with her fancy internet telephone that takes pretty pictures.


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