The hottest shoes on the face of the planet…

Hi friends. It’s unusual for me to post another blog so soon after the previous one. But I am anticipating a very busy week, so I thought that right now, before I head over to Mama Bear’s house to try the fig reduction and goat cheese bruschetta that she’s making, I’d give you the necessary updates for next week:


 Claire and I (and hopefully our friend Justin, who co-wrote “Something Beautiful” from A Single Revolution with us) are headed down to Tampa to see one our favorite bands, Guster on Tuesday. If you’re not easily offended, you should check out their blog. It’s so funny that often I find myself laughing out loud—and not just LOL. I told Claire the other day that I think that if we ever had the chance, that we would be friends with them. Well…at least she and Charlie would. I think that I’m way too serious and far from quick enough or funny enough to hang with those guys. But even being totally left behind as they all roll on with their witty quips, sarcasm, and dirty, teenaged boy jokes, I’d enjoy watching the whole spectacle—probably with popcorn and a glass of wine. Oh a girl can dream…


 Thursday, we’ll be back in Central Florida, but this time with Charlie in tow. Catch us at Backbooth on Thursday, August 25th supporting Rayland Baxter. Check out the cool video below of Rayland Baxter on somebody’s porch in Nashville. Then use this link to go and get your tickets.

Even if you’re not impressed with the video (which seriously, how could you not be?), it’s still totally worth it to come out and support Rayland… I read somewhere online what I thought to be both an apt and very humorous description: “Dude, he’s totally Neville Longbottom with a ‘stache.” [Spoiler alert: If you haven’t read the last Harry Potter book or seen the movie, don’t read this next sentence.] Maybe you thought that Neville was a nerd for the first six books, but in the seventh, he totally pulls the hero card and kills Voldemort’s nasty snake, Nagini. That kind of epic bravery is worth a trip to Backbooth if nothing else.


 On Saturday, August 27th, we’ll be back in Tallahassee, playing at…. A TAILGATE PARTY. I thought that those days were long gone—in fact, after I blogged about the unfortunate beer cooler gig last week, Charlie reminded me of our actual worst gig ever, which was in fact a tailgate(-ish) party where we still count ourselves lucky to not have died of heat strokes. This one will be a bit different, but it still makes me laugh to think that we’re kind of coming full circle!!

We’ll be sharing the stage with the Wilson Dean Band as we “Tailgate With a Purpose” to benefit Covenant Hospice. There are rumors that Charlie will be doing cool, rock star things like throwing footballs into the crowd. I’m not allowed to do it because he told me in no uncertain terms, “Sarah, you throw like a girl.” What he doesn’t understand is that real musicians tend to preserve their arm muscles for important things like playing guitar…

We’ll look for you guys there. Don’t scoff at the fact that we’re doing two benefits for two different hospice organizations in two weeks. That’s a perfect fit for a front woman who  dreams of playing in a graveyard and is often called  “Six-Feet-Under-Girl” by her bass player.

You can get your tickets here.


 I found this photo today and it made me laugh since I’ve recently discovered that I’m a water sign. Some people have snow days, but in Florida, we get off from school for hurricanes. In 1985, my birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese was cancelled because we sustained a direct hit from Hurricane Kate. In 2008, although it never fully formed as a hurricane, Tropical Storm Faye stranded me at Mama Bear and Mister Elwood’s house for 3 days. We could have kayaked out to the main road, but our cars were stuck inside the water… When I called Charlie to let him know that I would be missing practice, he didn’t believe me (of course, he lives closer into town in a real live neighborhood with drainage ditches and such, and not deep out in the country like the Mac parents). He loaded up his family to come out and see for himself. Somewhere around in our Sarah Mac Band archives, there is a video Charlie took of Mister Elwood and me wading out to say “hi” to Charlie and his family with our wiener dogs swimming behind us. But for now, I’ve just got the photo: Water Sign, all the way!

True words from Sarah Mac, a sentiment also shared by Mister Elwood: “I don’t mind the water, but I’m a little concerned about what might be swimming around in it. I totally saw Jaws!”


Speaking of wiener dogs, Baby Bear wanted me to mention that Ruby had her second birthday a couple of weeks ago. She was actually incensed when the birthday passed and I didn’t mention it. Although, right around that time, Ruby got fixed, so the photos that Baby Bear sent me were of Ruby’s scar and I felt like they might have been a bit too vulgar to post on a family friendly blog. This evening, I got some more appropriate pictures of Lil’ Roo, who just celebrated two years as reigning queen of the Mac family.

Happy Birthday, Roo. Even though you’re the cutest pup in the world, we still won’t let you kiss us on the face after you’ve eaten something dead from the woods.

Cheers, folks! See you later this week!


2 responses to “The hottest shoes on the face of the planet…

  1. Very entertaining blog, as usual. I especially liked the flood pic of you and Charlie. Thank goodness you both obviously were concerned enough to protect yourselves with raincoats and umbrellas. Nevermind that your unprotected lower selves are nonchalantly standing in thigh-deep water.
    Alas, I already had another commitment for Tuesday (actually, at Hideaway Cafe), or I might have met you in Ybor to see Guster.

  2. I also like the notification that my “comment is awaiting moderation”. I actually didn’t think it was very immoderate at all. But, if I must, I promise to tone down the unseemly rhetoric in any of my future comments.

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