Let’s Play Catch Up: A Photo Blog

Okay, folks… I’m still catching up from my recent stint of internet-less. I think it’s a bit funny that I make such claims of living simply, yet I get totally thrown out of whack when I find myself without the internet for two weeks. Oh well, I guess that in some way or another, we’re all living in denial of different parts of ourselves. Now that this one’s out in the open, I’ll have to find some other delusion to seduce myself into believing. While I’m trying to figure that one out, I’d thought that I’d show you some photos from the last few weeks in the Sarah Mac Band.


I used to have 24 pairs of shoes in an effort of live simply... but now that I've realized that the living simply was really just me living a lie and telling myself what I wanted to hear, I've decided to embrace my inner shoe whore. Introducing PAIR # 25!! (Yes, just in case you weren't sure from the photo, it's definitely bedazzled red suede.)


I used to be terrified of bridges, which I can trace back to crossing the old Sunshine Skyway bridge as a child. This might have been my first trip across the new one, which strikes me as strange since Wikipedia says that this bridge (also #3 in the Travel Channel's Top Ten Bridges in the World) was completed in 1987.

Radio-Free Carmela and the Transmitters play at a concert benefitting WSLR in Sarasota... a mere week after running into her in Colorado at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival!

Carmela thought that these guys were up in the air measuring the decibel level of her set to make sure that she wasn't busting through any noise ordinances. I think that they were just trying to catch the concert without paying the admission fee.

Here you see the beginnings of a a hearty round of squash, fried egg and swiss cheese sandwiches-- the choice of champions for a show debrief at 3:30 AM after a hard night's work.


This year the Swamp Stomp at the Tallahassee Museum was a BYOB affair. Some girls (not Claire and Sarah Mac-- like actual fans!!) brought their "OB" in these cups. They appear to be exact historical replicas of the Holy Grail.

There's not much as sweet as Kelly Goddard from The New 76ers joining Grant Peeples and the Peeples Republik Band onstage for a haunting rendition of "The Hanging."


I definitely found this in my purse not too long ago. Housemate thinks that I should call because it might be the long lost love of my life. I'm a little more skeptical about calling because of the sneak-factor that comes with slipping into my purse-- either he snuck into my dressing room to put it there or he walked past me and dropped it into my bag while it was over my shoulder. Either way, I'm kind of creeped out by it and wondering if I really misplaced my glasses or if he took those as a souvenir.


2 responses to “Let’s Play Catch Up: A Photo Blog

  1. Lauren Manders

    The last one is gutsy! Call from a pay phone….just in case.

  2. Yeah… major Creeper alert on that last one…

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