Frazzle Dazzle

Happy Independence Day!!

(If you’re American, of course… otherwise, Happy Emilie’s Birthday!!)

I had great plans to blog sooner than now. However, while I was out of town, storms came (as are common in this area– humid sub-tropical climate zone with violent sudden thunderstorms every afternoon in the summers) and knocked out our internet. We’ve just now gotten in back. I figure that throughout the week, I’ll do some little postings to get my head straight and to get you guys up to speed with the Sarah Mac Band. Especially because we have 2 shows this weekend that you won’t want to miss!!

In the meantime, I thought I’d show you some photos from Colorado– one of the glories of “America the Beautiful.”

This is not my foray into Islam. Instead, it’s an illustration of how incredibly cold it gets (even in the middle of summer) at such an altitude. In fact, it snowed for my last two days there. Not ideal for a Florida girl.

Dirty, hippy, festival feet and legs. But not at all the worst ones that I saw during the trip.

I don’t actually know who these people are, but I thought that they were a cute couple and they fit well with the atmosphere. So I just pretended like I didn’t speak English and kept snapping pictures of them. This is one right before the guy turned and put his hand over my camera lens.

My theme bumper sticker.

Be safe while you’re out there in the frazzle dazzle of fireworks tonight. Those things are super dangerous. Not kidding– I know a guy who only has one eye because he blew one of them up with a firework when he was a drunk teenager. Although he says that he wouldn’t trade it for the world because it made him reevaluate his life and get back on track, I still wouldn’t wish it on your or yours.

True words from Lee Greenwood (and Claire): “God Bless the USA!”

I’ll leave you with a great American song for Independence Day– and although Claire does love that Lee Greenwood “Proud to be an American” song (and can sing all the words), it is NOT that song. This is one that Mister Elwood always used to sing to us growing up. Even though I’ve heard it all my life, I still can’t get through it without crying. I realized tonight that I’ve only ever heard Mister Elwood sing it. I’d never heard the original version until about half an hour ago when I looked it up online and watched the Youtube video (which also made me cry). Although it’s a little bit long, it’s still worth the listen.

This is the kind of American… even bigger than that… that kind of person that I want to be.

Rock on (and stay safe out there in the frazzle dazzle fireworks),



3 responses to “Frazzle Dazzle

  1. I love Lee Greenwood?? Who knew!?

  2. Lauren Manders

    LOLZ. I think this is the first 4th of July I haven’t experienced Lee Greenwood’s blessed anthem. Darn. I do love some America, though!

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