So, I think I’m like a human petri dish…

Insomnia used to be my uninvited, overstaying-his-welcome-guest (like Cato Caylin), but now it’s strep throat.

You know, I’ve spent much of my life refining my coarser traits so that I might one day be a classy lady. Yep, I’m well read, well traveled,  and well educated. I didn’t go to cotillion, but I guess that you could still say I’m cultured… cultured like streptococcal pharyngitis.

My tonsils are currently hosting their second round of strep throat in three weeks,their third round in three months. Physically, I’m still in the throes of it. Mentally, I’m so over it– just done. Especially since we’re booked up this week with shows, and the Sarah Mac Band is definitely a “show must go on” kind of band.

Forget about Charlie and Claire, my new best friend is Cephalexin.

In spite of our setbacks, we drove down to Tampa last night for WMNF’s Bob Dylan 70th Birthday Bash at Skipper’s Smokehouse. We were armed with a new miracle antibiotic (and antihistamines in case of a reaction—because I’m allergic to penicillin and there is a cross-allergy rate of 10% with this drug) and a Lidocaine gargle to numb my throat so that I could sing. And… I can absolutely report back that it worked! Although today, I completely missed the morning and slept soundly until 1:30 to recover (I guess that there’s not a lot of room for two houseguests in my  body… insomnia had to take a vacation so that strep could have a bed) and I’m still nursing a wicked headache and some pain in swallowing.

Sarah Mac Band on stage at WMNF’s Bob Dylan 70th Birthday Bash.

Have no fear North Florida friends! I’ll take another couple of days off to heal up before we tackle the shows that we have lined up for you this weekend. Just in case you haven’t heard yet where we’ll be this weekend, here’s the skinny:

On, Friday May 27, we’ll be part of a three band concert at the Warehouse in Tallahassee to Benefit Pancreatic Cancer. For 10$, you can see not only the Sarah Mac Band, but also Bedhead Betty, and Missus and the Walking Sticks.

Then on Saturday, we’ll be headed down “to the county” (Wakulla, that is) for an intimate acoustic show in Sopchoppy. Over time, we’ve developed a great relationship with Rick Ott of From the Heart of Sopchoppy Studios. He is a man with great  influence in the local music world and uses said influence to advocate for the Sarah Mac Band frequently. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met someone and they’ve said, “Oh yeah, Rick Ott told me to check you guys out. He can’t say enough good things about you,” as is the story with this venue: Posh Java and Organics.

Sopchoppy’s one coffee shop opens every once in a while as a listening room and hosts a myriad of musical and spoken word guests. This weekend, we’re excited to add the Sarah Mac Band to that list. The show is small, with room for a maximum of 50 guests—half of the tickets have already been pre-sold to the good people of Sopchoppy (population 426 in the 200 census, although I’m sure that it’s grown since then). If you’d like to be a part of the experience which we’re calling, “An intimate evening with the Sarah Mac Band,” then go ahead and give Debra a call to reserve your tickets.

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Pancreatic Cancer Benefit
The Warehouse
706 W. Gaines Street,  Tallahassee
Sarah Mac Band, Bedhead Betty, Missus and the Walking Sticks
Doors at 8, Music starts at 8:30

Saturday,  May 28th, 2011

Sarah Mac Band in Concert
Posh Java – an intimate listening room
Downtown Sopchoppy, FL (the corner of Rose Street and Winthrope Avenue)
$12.50 for tickets, show starts at 8pm
Call (850) 962-1010 for tickets

To finish off, I thought that I’d add a few pictures from the Bob Dylan show. I’ve written before about the Rock by the Sea Festival and how it’s unique ethos provides for tremendous community building for artists as well as a lot of opportunities to really interact with fans and get to know them. Low and behold, last night as we were preparing to waltz onto the stage at Skipper’s, we experienced another facet of that ethos continuing outside of the bounds of St. George Island. Some Rock by the Sea board members and another Rock by the Sea artist, Lani Daniels, showed up to support us and rock out to some great Dylan tunes. Yay, guys! It was great to see you again!

L to R: RBTS Executive Director, Beth Gosnell; Gil Gonzalez; Claire; your hero and mine, Charlie; Sarah Mac; RBTS board member, Lee Suillivan; rock star, Lani Daniels.

Forget a photo of my friends… I really just wanted a picture of the black horse of death.. since I’m all freaked out about the rapture and ensuing apocalypse.

Big smiles from the Rock by the Sea board members. Little do they know that they just caught strep throat from getting too close to me!


2 responses to “So, I think I’m like a human petri dish…

  1. Hey was that Census in ‘200’ taken by a Roman Emperor? I think that was Septimius Severus.

    • #1 That census data was actually from 2000… that’s some late night, strep throat, feverish bad typing for ya.

      #2 I’m pretty sure that the emperor then was not Septimius Severus, but rather Optimus Prime. Just saying…

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