As promised…


For those of you who read my last blog and have been waiting with baited breath—the answer is “yes.”

Yes, Mama Bear liked the Mother’s Day gift that I got her. Hip, hip, hooray!

Although, I don’t know if I was playing fair by blogging about the anxieties that accompany giving my mother a gift in a forum that I knew that she would read. In some ways, I was stacking the odds in my favor. In spite of the fact that I’m a grown-up, she’s still my mom and I’m still her kid—so suddenly I’m putting an unwritten responsibility on her to give me a break even if I screw up again and get a bad gift. I may have the pressure on to top the chicken documentary (which apparently, isn’t a hard thing to do), but now she has a pressure in receiving the gift to react in a way that says, “Oh wow, this is perfect! Exactly what I always wanted!”, because I’ve made it quite clear for God and everyone on the interwebs, that my feelings are at stake. And she’s my mom… so in theory, she’d want to preserve those.

Had I thought through that ahead of time, I might not have actually blogged about it… or even said anything about it in the first place. Inadvertently, I made her gift about me, and not about her anymore. Sorry, Ma. It wasn’t on purpose. Had it been on purpose, I would have bought you Violet’s Music (which made me cry when I read it for the first time… and the second… because it’s about a little girl who lives and breathes music and thinks that she’s alone in the world until she meets other kids like her and they all form a band!!) and then made everyone sit down and have a family reading.

Anyway, as I promised Housemate and all of you with my last blog posting, I’ve got updates on all of the good stuff going on in Sarah Mac Band land.


If you’re looking to get married, this might be a good time to be friends with the Sarah Mac Band—it seems like these days, we’re Love Potion #9. I’ve said before that our song, “I’m With You” was the wedding song of 2007. True story: That year, we must have played 15 weddings and had special requests each time for that song! I think that we might be on a rebound. In the past few weeks, we’ve had the pleasure of playing the weddings to two set of our friends. At one wedding, we met the Witchger family, who travel as the band, Shae Laurel. They were amazingly encouraging and supportive—things like that are priceless.

And at the end of the most recent wedding, the family sent me home with all of the leftover bread so that I could make white chocolate and summer berry bread pudding. Delish!

Sarah, Charlie, Claire and Charlie’s wife, Jaye at a beach wedding.

Sarah Mac Band with bride and groom, Jeannie and Leo—the Sarah Mac Band’s Best Friend Forever Band. We met them when they were touring as Sleepin’ Dogz.

Claire and Charlie blow bubbles—a much better alternative to throwing rice as the bride and groom exit. This way you don’t kill the birds!

Our weddings span the beach to the woodlands. Charlie sets up sound for the ceremony under the great oak.

Another view of the wedding oak. It was so magnificent, I’m not sure that it even comes through in the photos.

That’s me… or my feet at least. I climbed up in a branch to get my Galadriel on before the ceremony. You can’t be near a tree that big and not remember how as a teenager you were obsessed with fairies and Tori Amos (and might still be sometimes).


I keep getting emails and questions: “Wait, I think that I heard your song on a car commercial!!” Yes, you did. I have not actually heard the commercial on the radio, yet. And since I don’t actually have a television, I still haven’t seen the commercial on tv. But, yes, that’s us! Yay!


I was invited to be the Low Level Local Celebrity Guest judge at the Leon County Schools high school Battle of the Bands. It was so fun, in spite of the fact that my favorite band did not win. That’s okay, though, I guess. The band that did win had a girl bass player, which automatically endeared them to me.

I used to work in schools and do summer camps and things like that. But I haven’t spent any real significant time with teenagers since Charlie’s children grew up and out of teenagerdom. So, it was strange to be near so many awkward, in-betweens. I was looking at them and thinking, “Oh my goodness, they are so young.” But I can remember so clearly being their age and being so proud of being so adult and grown up. I’m sure that such realizations are absolutely a rite of passage into adulthood, because I know that I’ve heard my parents say the exact same thing. It’s still shocking when it happens to you!!

Enjoy your trophy, Hooray for Autumn. It spent a week in my kitchen before making it into your hands… I wish that I had thought to bake you some cookies to accompany it!


Here’s an interview that I did with Elizabeth  Mack (we’re not related—I don’t have a ‘k’ at the end of my name) from the Tallahassee Democrat.


Our friend Jer keeps a blog where he reviews movies. He started it a while back when he committed to watching a movie a day and reviewing it—365 movies in 365 days. Now, although he’s done with his year long commitment, he still keeps up the blog. We went and saw a movie last weekend and there are rumors that he might have a guest movie reviewer on his blog



On the way down to Vero Beach for the Sleepin’ Dogz wedding, we stopped in Orlando to visit Charlie’s brother. So, we took some more pictures of Stanley Shunpike’s Knight Bus at the gas station in Orlando. I did promise a picture every time we drive through there—so, we stopped and did it again… and then bought sodas and Reese’s Cups at the gas station next door.

The Knight Bus– this must be an older, out of date version. That’s why it’s on the side of the road in Orlando instead of cruising England, picking up wayward wizards-in-need.


Tonight as I’m writing my blog and baking honey oat bread to accompany the dewberry jam that I made with my Aunt Reba a few weeks ago, I’m also listening to k.d. lang perform her new album in a live concert on LA’s public radio, KCRW.  Wow, it’s amazing… the album is good, the interview is great, she’s so freaking funny, and now she’s working with Joe Pisapia (who used to work with one of my favorite  bands, Guster). You should listen to it too. If you need something fun to pass the time while you’re baking and writing a blog, this is quality ear fodder.


3 responses to “As promised…

  1. Lauren Manders

    Oh Em Gee! Jeannie and Leo finally jumped the broom?! So cool 🙂

  2. Sarah
    I think I am in a band with you and I had no idea you were a celebrity judge for a battle of the bands. How does that happen?

  3. LM– Less like jumping the broom and more like fighting the sand and wind… but po-tay-to, po-tah-to… they still got married and it was sweet and beautiful and wonderful on a gazillion levels.

    CV– I totally told you about this, didn’t I? Hmmm… the conundrum here is that now we aren’t sure which of us has the early onset Alzheimer’s… Either I told you and you forgot, or I forgot that I never told you. Claire should chime in– did she know?

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