See you on the island…

Baby Claire at the beach in her smoking hot ruffled gingham bikini, circa 1980-ish.

Sunscreen. Check. (You know I’m a stickler for that.. and probably still will be even after someone inevitably discovers that sunscreen causes just as much cancer as it prevents. Red and blistered is just not that flattering of a look for me.)

Book for reading by the waterside. Check. Young adult fiction (of course).

Bathing suit. Hmm… Not sure where it is. Maybe buried somewhere underneath my 24 pairs of shoes? I’ll be okay without one. Besides, if I wear a bathing suit tomorrow, that means that I’ll probably need to shave my legs tonight. In spite of the fact that will probably be up all night with nothing much to do, that still seems like a little too much work.

And so goes my packing for our adventure tomorrow. Headed to St. George Island, Florida for the Rock By The Sea Festival.

Score one for Team Sarah Mac Band! We're totally NOT the last name listed, NOR the smallest font on the bill. Moving on up!

You can read here about the great time we had last year at Rock By The Sea. Here’s a fun little fact for you– the night that I wrote that blog entry, I also wrote the beginnings of the song “Take Me or Leave Me” from the Single Revolution album.

We had just come back from RBTS and I was still reflecting and ruminating on the weekend. As I’ve mentioned before, while other people may experience something and then move on, I usually can’t let it go, and end up sitting with it for quite a while. There was one thing that I just couldn’t wrap my mind around from RBTS– of such a large community of gathered musicians, Claire and I were the only women musicians. It’s always a little bit intimidating, but we’ve gotten used to it. For the most part we’ve accepted it and just laugh at the fact that as a profession, music is totally a boys club where they only talk about things like guitars, gadgets, farts and electronics. They steer clear of really interesting topics like feelings, what all the other girls are wearing and speculation as to who might be doing what with whom later that night based on their current behavior. I’m not complaining though because there are advantages to being the only women in a boys club… For example, you very rarely have to buy your own drinks  and in the RBTS case, a majority of the boys in the boys club were unusually good looking. Wins all around.

Anyway, I came home from RBTS and thought, “I had a great weekend being a part of these guys. But I’m different from them. What is it that’s different?” (Aside from the obvious– don’t make a joke like a twelve year old boy would! We’re all adults, here.) And that’s when I decided to write a song that was decidedly feminine– or at least try to. Thus emerged “Take Me or Leave Me.”

The other thing that I brought home with me from RBTS last year were injuries. Then again, in December, when I went to Atlanta to participate in the CD release party for the RBTS Christmas album, I got hurt again.

This year, our contract required workmen's compensation coverage for any injuries incurred while participating in RBTS or RBTS related events.

The evidence of my proclivity to musical based injuries shown above is one more reason that the bathing suit probably won’t make it to the beach this weekend. If I bruise and bust up my thighs with mad tambourining (yes, it’s a verb), I’m not going to want to show them in public. People would probably call the Department of Children and Family services to report Charlie and Claire. If I get removed from their custody, we’ll have some real problems…

Okay, we’ll see you guys on the island!


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