Sarah Eats Crow

I talk a big show about living simply. I don’t have tv (although I did go to Charlie’s house tonight to watch the news and find out if our government was going to shut down) and last year, I did a major purge to get rid of all of the excess stuff all around me that was distracting me from life— like the actual vibrant, joyful, real, technicolor act of relishing it and sharing it with the people I love.

Then tonight, as I was doing a bit of tidying up and was packing  some things for our marathon of gigs tomorrow, I realized that I actually own… wait for it….. 24 pairs of shoes!

I don’t know, kids, maybe that’s not a lot– at least compared to the closet displayed on Mariah Carey’s episode MTV Cribs. But somehow it felt really insincere and supremely excessive to talk all the time about how I’m striving to live simply, but all the while owning 24 pairs of shoes. Baby Bear has elevated shopping to an art form, and taken over the closets in 3 different bedrooms in the house where she lives. I still can’t imagine that she owns that many pairs of shoes!

We already knew about my issue with measuring my wealth in books– I don’t throw those away and every time I move and try to enlist Mister Elwood’s assistance, my book addiction becomes a point of contention. We already knew about my thing with knitting, which in all fairness would require quite a collection of yarn… especially if one is in fact committed to altruistic knitting, constantly making fine wares to give to other people. I have always kind of given myself a “pass” on those two items. I’m just not sure how I feel about the shoes. It just doesn’t seem right.So here, I am, apparently, de-vegging… because as I confess this to you all, I’m  totally eating crow. I may not have a tv, but I just learned that I’m not living as simply as I thought that I was. Needless to say, Sunday afternoon, once I’ve recovered from our gigs tomorrow at the Sopchoppy Worm Gruntin’ Festival (stage time 1:00 PM) and the Florida Earth Day Jam (stage time 8:30PM), I’ll be cleaning out my closets and re-purging of “stuff.” So, maybe you should come out to our shows tomorrow to see some of my fancy show shoes in their farewell performances!


3 responses to “Sarah Eats Crow

  1. hey, if you count my two pairs of flip flops, i own 15 pairs of shoes, and i’m a BOY. i don’t use ALL of them, but most of them to some extent.

  2. My question is will you be wearing them or displaying them on stage? Due to the fear of falling in them. ;P

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