Go, Team Edward!

Email correspondence addressed to Claire, Sarah Mac, and Dave (Sarah Mac Band producer), from Charlie. Receive this morning at 11:00 AM, recounting the events of last night (I edited it a bit since Charlie’s not known for his stellar grammar and punctuation):

“The Sarah Mac Band held their initial session of Friday Night Songwriter Sessions © last night and it was pretty successful.  With so many new tunes floating in the air, we felt we needed to sit down and see what could be fleshed out on some of these ideas.

As one would expect, Charlie arrived with a cadre of extremely well thought out and virtually finished masterpieces. On the other hand, Sarah Mac showed up with her typical assortment of ragtag, lame musical ideas and random words that needed to be joined into a pastiche to create a passable tune. Therefore, our first session was committed to trying to bring order to Sarah’s ideas.  After several heated arguments, which sometimes degenerated into insults and tears (Sarah can be mean at times and Charlie is a sensitive guy), we are happy to say that we came away a little scarred, but with the makings of two good songs.

So, I have attached those two songs hear for your listening pleasure.  I also spent last night and this morning listening to these songs about 10 times each to think about how we need to develop these some more.  So I have included my thoughts on each song below.”

Note to reader: Those songs are not attached, nor available for your listening pleasure at this point. You’ll have to wait and buy the next album (assuming that these make the cut).

I often complain to Housemate (or any other person that will listen, really) that I’m so far away from being married and having a mortgage and making babies that it’s embarrassing. Mama Bear and Baby Bear are chock full of suggestions as to why that is and what I might do to counteract such a predicament:

“Wear more makeup and learn to flirt better.”

The one that stings a little bit worse than the others: “You terrify men.”

And then Mister Elwood chimed in last week with his sage wisdom: “Girls that put out quick get lots of dates.”

This morning, I realized that a big part of the problem is that my one track mind might be on the wrong track. Even on my off nights, I’m Sarah Mac Banding. As in last night, which was a free Friday night when most other girl my age would be out partying it up with their high heels on… I was at Charlie’s house, workshopping new songs.

This morning, when Charlie sent a funny follow-up email, I just had to have another laugh at how I’m sort of sabotaging myself. Honestly though,  I just can’t see myself adjusting my behaviors anytime soon to incorporate more bar trips in high heels on off nights. I get enough bars in high heels when I’m working… and enough action [read: groping] from drunk people. And for the most part, like I said on my birthday, I’m happy with where I am (but not totally because I’m a Scorpio and we don’t do that, remember?).

The special person, mortgage and babies, like the songs that we “found” last night, they’ll come when they come. Big picture things usually work out the way that they’re supposed to—at least I have to believe that, or I’ll be angsty.

Besides, I was reminded while experiencing a really great concert last weekend, I’m pretty convinced that I was completely, 100% created for music. Music, period. It’s like the language that I understand and speak and work in and move in—and I love it.

Plus, on a Friday night, no bar regardless of how cool and hip it may be, can beat hanging with the kind of people who use the word “pastiche” in an email…


One response to “Go, Team Edward!

  1. You know I thought you would be impressed with my ability to work that word in when I just learned the actual meaning of it relative to music last night. I never cease to amaze myself.
    And what be wrong with my grammar and punctuation!

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