The Sarah Mac Band Blog Machine- Smooth Operator. Or not.

Generally, the Sarah Mac Band blog machine runs smoothly. But when one variable is askew, it throws the whole system out of whack. For example, if one generally blogs about the Sarah Mac Band on Friday mornings, and spent last Friday morning sitting in a car on the way to Atlanta, it would be just as detrimental to that system as say… Thus, I am writing on Sunday night as more of a recap than in anticipation and with hopes of luring you to our show.

Friday, we reunited with many of our Rock by the Sea friends to participate in the album release party for the Rock By the Sea- 12 Bands of Christmas compilation album. You can purchase your own copy here. We played our song from the album and practiced some of the song that we’ll use in our upcoming traveling Sarah Mac Band Christmas Show.
The things that you should know about the Rock By the Sea Christmas Show weekend are as follows:

#1 Our old pal Brian Fechino was down from New York City for the show. For the last song in his set, he invited RTBS darling Sam Thacker, Atlanta-based singer/songwriter Amy Gerhartz (who in typical incestuous 7 degrees of music world separation is connected to us because she went to FSU!!), and me to share vocals on what ended up being a spectacular version of Silver Bells. After the show someone told me that they expect to have video of the song soon. If that video makes it my way, I’ll totally post it for you guys to see. As I sat at his house this morning, learning a song that he wrote and is lending to our Christmas Show next weekend, I explained to Mr. Elwood: “Sometimes, you’re clueless and you walk off stage and get floored when someone tells you how the show went from the audience’s perspective. But sometimes you know as the notes are leaving your mouth that they’re magic. Silver Bells on Friday night was one of those times.”

#2 There has been much discussion regarding our contribution to the Christmas compilation album. I have fielded many questions about the gospel choir that we procured for the recording sessions. It seems really cool and rock star to have a totally different musical entity accompany you on your song, a la Paul Simon and Ladysmith Black Mambazo on Graceland or Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins on Rabbit Fur Coat. Alas, our gospel choir was not a separate entity brought in to accompany us on our song, it was just lil’ ol’ me and Christian music artist Kelly Willard singing over and over ourselves until we got a nice full sound (I’m probably breaking a million rules here by telling you the secrets—it’s almost like I just revealed that I’m really only an A–cup but wear a Wonderbra 24/7 to look bigger… not true, by the way).

Kelly just happened to be hanging out at the studio the week that we were there recording and came downstairs, hung out with us, and added some backing vocals to our track. She was such a trip! I have some other videos of the recording session, one in particular where she’s basically teaching me how to sing (who knew harmony vocals were so difficult?!?!), but I’m not so tech saavy and I have no patience for the six years that it takes to upload a video to Youtube. So, I’m including here, just one short one, where Charlie and Michael Traylor from Swamp Monk Studios basically just acknowledge how great Kelly and I are.  🙂

Other notable mentions:

We have a traveling Christmas show coming up soon. You’ll want to make these shows:
#1 Because they are our last shows before we take a break for the month of January.
#2 Because we will have guest musicians Libby O’Neill and Leon Anderson.
#3 Because I’ve been working on the decorations since July.
And to bring it all full circle, this week will be another where all of my variables will be thrown askew and I won’t be able to blog on Friday. So, look for a Sarah Mac Band blog touting the glories of our upcoming Christmas shows sometime mid-week. And my friends, I’ve been collecting material for this particular blog for quite a while, so you won’t want to miss it!

Tomfoolery at the venue on Friday night! Front to back: Amy Gerhartz, Brian Fechino, Your Hero and Mine (Charlie) in the stairwell.


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  1. The video is private and only your you tube friends may watch it.

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