Suzy Homemaker

We had a wonderful time last night at Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta, Georgia. We made some new fans. We met some new friends. We saw some welcome familiar faces. We got really cold (honestly though… it’s the 5th of December, and it should be cold at a latitude of 33°45′18″N)!!

I was a little bit sad not to have time to stop in at (what it is the running for) my favorite restaurant before we left town. But, that’s the consequence for choosing to stay in bed long past sun up because you’re unwilling to surrender the warmth of your cozy blankets. A trade off of sorts: comfort food for creature comforts.

The Snuggie that I usually reserve for the Sarah Mac Band-mobile is currently boxed away in a storage unit.  As a result, I found myself in the back of the van writing Christmas cards to the soundtrack of chattering teeth the entire 300 mile journey south. Upon my return home, I was greeted by (some semblance of) warmth and a wonderful sight that one most likely never sees unless they live in Florida…

While I was gone, someone harvested our back yard!

First, I salivated and smelled all of the “citrussy” freshness in our kitchen.

Then, I went through my mental recipe box thinking of all of the things that you can do with gallons and gallons of oranges. Orange breads and cakes… wonderful holiday pairings with cinnamon, nuts, cloves, wine… Wassail, marmalade, and I’m even thinking that I might experiment with a key lime pie recipe and substitute orange for the key lime.

But first things first…

…a good 2 Mason jar’s worth of fresh orange  juice; some for now and some for breakfast tomorrow…

Even though I’m blogging like I’m some kind of Suzy Homemaker**, I’m still a rock ‘n’ roller, and I have a responsibility to remain true to my hard core values. Thus, I added a little spunk to keep it real…

Rock on!

**Suzy Homemaker:

Main Entry: Suzy Homemaker
Part of Speech: n
Definition: a housewife who manages a household, esp. with enthusiasm; also, the sterotype of any woman who chooses a traditional female role
Etymology: fr a doll of the 1960s

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