Canceled re-wedding, SMB tv show, and a Christmas album!

My best friend from high school was supposed to have a re-wedding this weekend.

1. the act or ceremony of marrying for a second time; marriage; nuptials.
2. the big party that you have to celebrate your ten year anniversary when your actual wedding was at the courthouse and didn’t include any kind of reception or fancy public ceremony

Although I’m the champion of hooker high heels (that I rarely wear outside of Sarah Mac Band shows), my lifestyle doesn’t really call for any kind of fancy dress. Thus, my meager wardrobe consists mainly of jean, t-shirts and cardigan sweaters. The fantasy shopping for a new re-wedding worthy dress was one of the highlights of my thought life of the past few months. Alas, in a funny little turn of events, the re-wedding is canceled—not because of any glitch in marital bliss, but rather because the bride-to-be is pregnant and doesn’t want to look big and trashy in her wedding dress. Plus, who wants to buy tons of alcohol for all of their friends to enjoy at a party in your own honor when you can’t partake as well? No shame, sister. I’d do the same thing.

Since it was a holiday weekend, and an off-weekend for the SMB, I decided to take advantage of the free time and jaunt over to the West Coast. I am writing this blog from a coffee shop outside of the second largest mall in America, in a suburb of Los Angeles.

Charlie’s wife told me last week that she thinks that I am uniquely designed to live in community. I actually really appreciated that assessment of my personality and makeup. I would like to propose an addition to said assessment: I think that I am also uniquely designed for solo air travel.

I love the time that it provides—you can’t work, you can’t talk to your friends, you can’t text, your only option is to sit and think. Which is what I do. And it’s wonderful.

Yesterday, for the majority of the duration of my cross continental journey (which takes almost as long as a trip to Europe—depending on where exactly you’re going over there), I committed my thought time to the Sarah Mac Band. I wrote in my journal, I schemed and planned, I played with words and song ideas, I thought about where we’ve been in the last few days and where we plan on being in the next few months.


We played last weekend at the Monticello Opera House as part of The Heart Music Hour. It was a marvelous weekend with great bands, great production, and great people. For two nights, we (along with some other fantastic bands) played music for a live audience and a film crew. The concerts will then be cut into a tv show and aired later this month. Find out more by following this link to their website.


Some of you may remember our connection to Rock by the Sea, an organization that uses music to support pediatric brain cancer research. We play their festival every year and this year recorded a song for their Christmas Compilation album. You can check out our contribution to the album by clicking on this link. We encourage you to buy the album and help support cancer research. If you’re in the area, we’ll be getting together with some of the other bands from the album for a charity concert in Atlanta next month. Keep your eyes on the website for more details as they’re available.

And with that… I’m signing out. Although I have no re-wedding to attend this weekend, I’m outside the second largest mall in America, far too close to an Anthropologie store to not buy a fancy dress. See you guys on the flip side!



3 responses to “Canceled re-wedding, SMB tv show, and a Christmas album!

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  2. adrienne chaplin

    awake way too late (for a pregnant lady who has to work in the morning). playing on facebook, stumbled onto link to your blog. i, too, had grand dreams of rewedding bliss. it was going to be a do-over- to make up for 1. the courthouse original ceremony, 2. the utter lack of wedding pictures (because of the courthouse nature of the first ceremony) and 3. not having invited many of the people i cared about to the original (again- courthouse). bought a tiny dress (think barbie’s vegas wedding) and had ambitions of looking like a fancy hooker, but maybe a little more pinup than street corner.
    i still vote that i get remarried at some point. i’ll even marry the same guy. but, i’ll probably wait until i no longer look like a house or a small village.
    i’ll take you shopping for 6 inch sparkly heels.

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