A Week in the Life of the Sarah Mac Band: Photo Blog


Brand New Sarah Mac Band album, A Single Revolution. Get yours today: http://www.sarahmacband.com

album · release · party

There was the usual hollering, raising of hands, and carrying on, along with the added bonus of…

True words from Jamey Thompson: “Not just old people listen to bluegrass. I’m young, I’m hip, I do triathalons, I drink RedEye coffee, AND I play banjo.”

…cute boys on banjo….

Leon Anderson chuckling at me because I have an issue with that whole 1-2-3-4 rhythm thing...

…and badasses on drums.


all · hallow’s · eve

Baby Bear and I took a road trip to Atlanta for a concert. We could not  leave though, before partaking in a longstanding Mac family holiday tradition…

…we both chose our favorite subject…

…something worthy of a few days of memorialization, at least until the pumpkin rots….

True words from Jasper: “Guys does this pumpkin make me look fat? Someone would’ve told me, right?”

Baby Bear’s masterpiece.

The addition of mine.

We left the guys to hang out on the porch and made our way to the big city.


eastward · to · the · opera

View from the stage at the our soundcheck last night. We’re hoping that tonight and tomorrow, the empty chairs will be replaced with your shining face, smiling back at us.

10.05.10 & 10.06.10

from · the · heart · music · hour

Friday and Saturday in Monticello, FL

$20 per night

Happy Hour: 6:30-7:30

Theater Show: 8:00-10:00

After Party: 10:30-12:00 (midnight)


see · the · story · be · the · change

Advocating for the voiceless, Unseen Stories fights for sustainable change and restoration of justice for the victims of child trafficking in Benin, Africa.

L to R: Les Freres du Sang (Beninese equivalent of Boyz II Men), me, Martin (Beninese Project Manager), Jen (former Executive Director), Damien (African version of Jason Statham’s character in The Transporter I, II, and III

The documentary is finished. Martin is here for the premier of the film on Sunday in Tallahassee and a subsequent tour of Florida showings before the director takes the film on a national tour in January.

Sunday, 5PM at Florida State University’s HBC 101

Free admission

and ·just ·because

Dave, our producer, looking superfly in this picture I found today on facebook...


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