Alex, Silas, Major Man and Minor Girl

Back in the days of yore, when I had more free time and more expendable money, I used to frequent the movie theater. I had two adventurous movie companions—Alex and Silas, whose box office courage was unequaled—proven by their willingness to go to midnight showings of Spice World (more than once). Silas has long since grown up, married, given up his frequent buyer card (this was before Tallahassee had an AMC 20, so…let’s just assume that it was for the Miracle 5), and taken a responsible faculty position teaching something important at a University in Alabama. Alex… I’m not really sure about him. Apparently, he shuns Facebook, so he’s a bit more difficult to online stalk. Nonetheless, I’m confident that whatever he is doing is probably amazing and just this side of changing the face of the world forever (more like Jonas Salk developing a polio vaccine and less like the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand).

Of course I still have some friends who enjoy movies as much as I do, but it’s hard to stand against years spent learning each other’s quirks and likes and dislikes and building a comfortable routine. Plus, you always remember your first as a special one.

Now that it’s a heck of a lot more expensive to go to the movies, I don’t do it as often. It also doesn’t help that I practice or play music most nights. On my free evenings, the idea of forcing my way through the throngs of kids at the mall movie theater just doesn’t appeal as much as having a nice meal and a bottle of wine or two, and then a bubble bath, book and early bed. In spite of that, I’ve seen what seems like a million movies in the past few weeks. I think that the night that I sat down with Housemate and watched the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers a few weeks ago reawakened the ancient spirit of movie watching in me and somehow I re-finagled my time and spent many an hour on either mine or someone else’s sofa getting lost (or not, in some cases… such as the ever-lame School of Rock that I feel like I ought to love, but can’t bring myself to do) in the suspension of reality and sucked into someone else’s story.

Since I’ve delved back into movie watching, I’ve learned some very important things about life and myself that I’d like to share..

I was scared to watch Pulp Fiction when it came out because I knew that I was totally, needlessly violent. But, I’ve realized as I’ve grown older that I can appreciate the finer points of well choreographed, stylized, gratuitous violence, which has pervaded my movies of the last few weeks. But before we start to analyze my personality and decide what is wrong with me for liking said violence, let us heed the words of one notable creepster bad guy: “The leader who stays in the rear, takes it in the rear. Besides, violence is one of the most fun things to watch.”–Mr. Hertz in Shoot ‘Em Up

Another notable thing I learned… Heros are awesome—especially if they’re superheroes… especially even more if they’re 11 year old girls who save the day. After watching Kick-Ass, I decided that the world needs a whole lot more in the superhero department. Although I don’t have any special talents and I’m old, beyond unfit and out of shape, not to mention unsure of which side of a gun you actually shoot from, I decided that to hope for the fact that overpowering desire might be enough… that if I concentrated hard enough and showed myself to be of pure heart,  I might be imbued some magical power from the higher ups and be able to use my powers for the greater good of all mankind. Unbeknownst to him, Charlie fed into that the other day when he accidentally named us while differentiating our modal preferences for chord structures in songwriting, “Sarah, it’s like I’m Major Man and you’re Minor Girl.”  Definitely not as cool sounding as Kick-Ass and Hit Girl, but way cooler than Red Mist. We could still maybe get t-shirts… (something to think about, Claire!)

And as much as I think that School of Rock is ever-lame, and I said upon walking out of the home of the man that I watched it with, “I am far too old to take any pleasure in such a movie,” (say nothing of the fact that I will still be there at midnight on opening night of the next Twilight and the next Harry Potter) my old pal Dewey Finn from said movie gave me a bit of perspective. Of course, I still go to sleep every night with a copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies under my pillow in hopes that mad kung-fu skills will diffuse into my brain while I sleep in a supernatural cerebral osmosis, I will satisfy myself for now with the understanding that even if my Grandma doesn’t quite get it (“I don’t understand why you won’t just play gospel music at the church!?!?”), what I do for a living might-could-maybe be really important in the big picture.

True words from Dewey Finn, School of Rock:

“Dude, I service society by rocking, OK? I’m out there on the front lines liberating people with my music!”

And in other news, here are some cool photos that Baby Bear (my younger sister, who is also a freelance photographer) took at our Martin Theater show.

We were on the marquee at the historic Martin Theater, so we had a little photo shoot. Here you see us with our hosts and friends, international touring folk act, Lucky Mud.

Baby Bear did a photo shoot of our photo shoot.

And for all of you who only hang out with us because that’s your best chance of getting close to Ruby, I thought it only proper to let you know that we celebrated her 1st birthday this month!

Happy Birthday, ROO! We love you and we’re super excited that you’re grown up enough to stop chewing on our cds and rendering them useless!

(Final note: Erin McDaniel, if I have mistakenly credited Baby bear for any photos that should be credited you, I want to take this opportunity to profusely apologize– I’m on my third glass of wine and it’s 2 hours past my bedtime. LYLAS!!!)


7 responses to “Alex, Silas, Major Man and Minor Girl

  1. Your wenus is showing in that picture of you and Ruby…

    • “I was scared to watch Pulp Fiction when it came out because I knew that I was totally, needlessly violent.”
      We all know you’re not the total violent type, just when guys make you mad… 😉

  2. Well Sarah you obviously had too much wine. You are actually Major Girl and I am Minor Guy. I see my words make a big impression.

    • Yeah– I woke up this morning (from a dream where I was killing zombies with my mad kung-fu skills) and remembered that you are Minor Man and I’m Major Girl. Which, I guess, technically makes you my side-kick since Major trumps Minor….

  3. This is a wonderful post and may be one that can be followed up to see what happens

    A companion mailed this link the other day and I am desperately looking your next blog post. Keep on on the top-notch work.

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  5. Holy inferiority complex Minor girl, how low is your self esteem that you’re the sidekick in your own fantasy?

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