Gloryland CD Release Party and Six-Feet Under Girl


Preparing for an "SMB-style" release party. That's code for "including balloons and pinwheels!"

 Hip hop hooray! It’s a party! And really, who doesn’t love a party?

Well, if you’re like me, sometimes they sort of stress you out, but you can still appreciate the sentiment behind them. Since I’m committed to living grateful and loving the things that I do have instead of fretting about the things that I don’t, I’ll totally embrace the party that’s coming this weekend in spite of all of the stuff that has to happen in the next couple of day to ensure it’s success.  We will be having a free concert in Kleman Plaza (Tallahassee, FL) this Saturday  night as part of the Sizzlin’ Summer Concert Series. Not only is this cool because we get to contribute to our community by doing something that we totally love, but it also ranks high up on the list of awesome things that we’ve done because this concert marks the release of the last single in our Single Revolution series.  We’re super excited that we’ve been able to get this far– I mean, seriously, who thought that we’d be able to pull this off?

“Now wait, Sarah…. which song is Gloryland?” Well, if you’ve been at any of our shows in the past six months or so, you will notice that we always close the show with the same song.  It’s pretty much a song about being dead.  And people walk up to me at the merch table all the time and say things like, “I hope that this doesn’t offend you, but I’d like to play that song at my funeral.” I know… kind of a weird way to start a conversation, right? Not really.  After all, Claire does call me, Six-Feet Under Girl. (I can’t tell you why online because I always reserve that strange fact about my upbringing for my one thing that nobody knows about me that you always have to use in icebreaker games.) And on top of that, part of our mission as artists and performers is to create songs that connect with people and help articulate what they’re feeling in their hearts. So, it’s actually a wonderful complement to have someone tell me that they want to use my song at their funeral… especially since I’m Six-Feet Under Girl!

So, we’ll expect to see you this weekend at the “Gloryland” release show. An additional fun fact about this show is that we’ll be playing with a guest drummer, Leon Anderson, the head of the Jazz program at Florida State University. We are super excited and hoping that this will simulataneously satiate your lust for rhythm and give us our first show in a long line of them that someone (who without fail is a drummer) says, “You guys are great, but you really need a drummer!”

Here’s a little video teaser to get you excited if you’re not already:

And here we have some photos from the studio when we were finishing up the song!

Charlie and Dave (our producer) hanging out at the board. Check our those sweet guitars in the background!

Dave wanted us to use this photo next to his name on the Gloryland credits!

Charlie had a turn at the board. We’re learning so much!! Pretty soon, we’ll be a for-real, 100% indie band. I’ve heard that DIY is cheaper, anyway!

I got bored and decided to take a photo of my new red shoes! Aren’t they hot?

And, here’s BatClaire. We took this at the Swamp Stomp two weekends ago.



One response to “Gloryland CD Release Party and Six-Feet Under Girl

  1. For the record…I would also like this song at my funeral. Umm, liver performance by SMB would be super sweet, but I could settle for a CD playing…as long as Charlie gets to shred.

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