The Last Ten Percent

I have a confession to make…

I broke my Quarter of the Year Resolution after little over a month. And it totally irritates me! I apologize to you, the Sarah Mac Band friend and blog reader, because it makes me feel a little bit like I lied to you. There is very little that irks me the way that lying does… actually, one of my other big pet peeves is when people don’t do what they say that they’re going to do. If you think about it, my lack of weekly blogging of late, has pretty much touched both of my pet peeves in one fell swoop.

I will say in my defense though that my ambitious weekly blogging plan rested on the assumption that my electronic resources (read: computer that I got many moons ago when I started grad school) would be long lived. Alas, this has not proven to be true, and now I find myself in a predicament. However, Seth Godin (I’m not entirely sure what he’s famous for, but both Charlie and Claire are halfway obsessed with him, and read his blog regularly) said in his blog yesterday:

“The last ten percent is the signal we look for, the way we communicate care and expertise and professionalism. If all you’re doing is the standard amount, all you’re going to get is the standard compensation. The hard part is the last ten percent, sure, or even the last one percent, but it’s the hard part because everyone is busy doing the easy part already.

The secret is to seek out the work that most people believe isn’t worth the effort. That’s what you get paid for.”

I agree.

Although, if that’s totally true, then I must not be working hard at all, because in this rockin’ and rollin’ world, there’s not always a whole lot of pay that comes with the gig. And as much as Seth Godin might chuckle at my simplistic interpretation of his take on integrity in business and what leads to success, I think that my commitment to blog is a little piece of my extra (last) ten percent. Well, if you add that into practice, practice, practice, taking voice lessons, giving up caffeine and alcohol (although last week I cheated on both), striving for growth and innovation in our writing, and then re-writing and editing and re-writing again, then I might be starting to add up something towards that last ten percent.

I already feel like I spent a ton of head time in my blog, even when I’m not blogging—researching facts, planning and outlining, weaving together the story and then editing… again and again. So, now that I have realized that I can’t always blog when I’m ready, the cost is even more, and that’s something that I’m willing to do (although I would much rather just convince Charlie and Claire to buy a Sarah Mac Band iPad and let me be the official keeper in order to “work on my blog” whenever I have a burst of inspiration).

So, this is the long way saying that I’ll see you next week… iPad or not (probably not). I’ll be here on the blog, giving the best I’ve got and hoping that it adds up to ten more percent.


2 responses to “The Last Ten Percent

  1. Ahh… the every elusive last 10%. Maybe one day we will find it.


  2. SMB definitely NEEDS an iPad.

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