Southeastern Blues Bash and Chili-Dog Contest

Hi everyone! I know that I’m not due for another blog for several days, but I wanted to still give you an update on our weekend and the Southeastern Blues Bash and Chili Cook-Off…and the Chili-Dog Canine Beauty Contest.

Rain threatened all day, but it held off through our set. We had beautiful weather and a cool breeze.

Ruby showed up because she had big plans to enter the Chili-Dog Canine Beauty Contest. But, then she decided not to. She was concerned that her talent (standing up and balancing on her hind legs for as long as you have food in your hands) might not be as glitzy as some of the other dogs’ talents. Plus, she didn’t want to stay until the judging and chance getting caught in the middle of a field in a thunder storm (doubly bad combination of “fear of loud noises, especially thunder” and “no bed to hide under when you get scared of said loud noise”). So instead of winning the Chili-Dog contest, she settled for winning everyone’s hearts…. at least for this year...

Ruby got to explore the stage, sniff the soundman and say hi to her fave singer.

We say that Ruby should win the Miss Congeniality award, as she makes friends with everyone she meets. Here she is greeting Mike Lanigan of the Swingin' Harpoon Blues Band. Unfortunately for Mike, she had eaten something dead earlier in the day and had funky puppy death breath.

In fact, Ruby was pretty indiscriminate about making friends. She was excited to meet everyone. Luckily, all the festival go-ers were good people and we didn't have to worry about anything creepy going on.

Ruby shows off her special flower collar that her mom made for the evening wear portion of the Chili-Dog competition.

Thanks to everyone who took part in making our time at the Southeastern Blues Bash so wonderful. It was a great day of music, chili, meeting good folks and supporting a great cause. We’ll see y’all next year and until then, Ruby will be working on her talent and upping her game to come back with a vengeance and take FIRST PLACE!


One response to “Southeastern Blues Bash and Chili-Dog Contest

  1. Kathy McCharen

    As one of your true blue Ruby fans, I love the new pics. She’s a cutie!!

    You were great at Ruth’s BD party on Saturday…if only little Ruby had been there too!

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