Chili Cook Offs, Star Wars and the Great American Blog

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away there existed a band, a blog and a wiener dog in a beauty contest…

Now that Charlie got all of his citizenship stuff worked out and finally has a passport, we can proudly say, “We’re American AND we blog!”

It seems that a busy week can easily distract me from my commitment to blog weekly. So here I am, up early on a Saturday morning when I might otherwise be relishing the opportunity to sleep in, catching up. I’m not complaining though… (Honestly, I’m not!) There are worse ways to spend a Saturday morning. In fact, I’ve come to appreciate the idea of a having a blog, and even begun to read other people’s blogs in order to compare, glean ideas, and for general entertainment. From my internet searching and blog reading, I have decided that the “blog” should be join things like baseball, jazz music, chili cook-offs and Star Wars in the list of Great American Pastimes.

The Sarah Mac Band officially endorses candidate Ruby Red Slippers for the Chili-Dog contest. This is not a paid political advertisement.

Unfortunately, unless you live in Thomasville, GA, by the time you read this, it will probably be too late for you to come and join us as we participate in another Great American Pastime: The 1st Annual Southeastern Blues Bash and Chili Cookoff . Yes, it may sound like a comical combination, but kids, this is the real deal. This is an event officially sanctioned by the International Chili Society, combining not only the chili contest, but a full day of blues music, a 5K (chili-fueled) walk/run and an official Chili-Dog contest, which is (not kidding) a canine beauty pageant.

If due to my sluggish blog posting activities this week, you are unable to participate with us in the 1st Annual Southeastern Blues Bash, I leave you with one other opportunity to join with the Sarah Mac Band in another Great America Pastime… at least for those of my generation…

If you happened to be at our Christmas show last year, you received the Sarah Mac Band Christmas card. For those of you not in attendance at our Christmas Show last year, our Christmas card was Star Wars themed. We are all lovers of all things Star Wars. Some of us more so than others, as we had a super-duper childhood crush on Chewbacca, which still gets us teased twenty-something years later. (Interesting side note: Star Wars is so ingrained into our culture that the word “Chewbacca” doesn’t even get caught in spell-check. Well, I mean, if you spell it wrong it does. But once you get it right, they let you go with it. Seriously?) Knowing our great love for all things intergalactic, our friend Jer (who also does our website and a cool movie blog) pulled together this fun little Star Wars movie starring Jer as Luke, Charlie as Han, me as Princess Leia, and Claire as…. LANDO CALRISSIAN. She sports the cheeseball mustache like a champ. You can click here to watch the movie.

With that I must take my leave and start on the drive North to Thomasville. Keep your fingers crossed for Ruby! I’ll let you know how it goes!!


One response to “Chili Cook Offs, Star Wars and the Great American Blog

  1. I was a great Han Solo too!

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