Learning to Live Grateful and Getting Ready for a CD Release Party

Hello again friends of the Sarah Mac Band. It’s a wonderful day in Tallahassee today. I noticed on Facebook that several people commented on the cool this morning. It’s quite uncharacteristic of this time of year in the sultry (a euphemism for “humid) South. Although I do not function well in the cold (read: AT ALL! I mean,  I seriously keep a Snuggie in our van because I get cold so easily), this morning it was refreshing and made me happy.

In fact, I’m noticing that I have a lot to be happy about these days. I’m not sure if it’s a result of the earthquake in Chile changing the Earth’s axis and throwing us all off-kilter or just a change in my perspective. In addition to my Quarter-of-the-Way-Through-the-Year’s Resolution to be disciplined to  blog weekly (because that’s one of my band roles, anyway), I also decided that instead of mourning the things that I don’t have or that didn’t work out my way, I’ll focus on the good in my life, the blessings, the wonderful, loving people—the things that I do have—and learn to really appreciate them. So far, “living grateful” has  proven to make a big difference in what my days look like and how my heart feels, a difference that I like… A difference that makes me happy.

I’m happy about the great experience that we has last weekend at the Florida Earth Day Jam.  Events like that just bring together good people. It was great to see old friends again: the Magnolia School families, my childhood friend Halle who was there with her family and new baby, Kerry, who got us started at the Warehouse and has been a major Sarah Mac Band advocate and supporter for years now, and our musician and sound friends that we’ve grown to love after so much time working together in the same music sphere with them.

Sarah Mac Band Dancers: Drats! Casey informed me that she will be unable to dance at our show on Friday because it conflicts with her school play.

I did note that after I blogged about it and got every excited about seeing them, neither my family nor the Wood Stove Clan were in attendance. I promised all of our readers that if they were feeling down about the world, that they were guaranteed to think the world a better place (and not because the earthquake in Chile changed the earth’s axis and threw us off-kilter) if they stopped by and spent time with that subset of “good people.” And since I‘m living grateful and I don’t mourn the things that I don’t have (or at least try to be that way), I focused instead on the wonderful people who were there… Like the Sarah Mac Band Dancers, Casey and Dylan, whose joyful,  imaginative choreography not only accentuates the highlights of our music, but also brings smiles to pretty much anyone in a two mile radius.

Another thing that I have to be happy about these days is the Kazoo. If you were at our Single Revolution release show for “I’m Not Scared” then you would know about my kazoo learning disability. I’m soooo not kidding or trying to be clever. I just can’t do it… Seriously… I understand the concept behind it, I just can’t make it work… or at least couldn’t at the time. In fact, we had to invite our friend Libby, to join us on stage as a guest musician to lead the Kazoo Brigade in their solos during the audience participation portion of that song.  But with my newfound commitment to discipline in my life, I have been tenaciously pursuing the kazoo and now am able to play it. Well, I use that term loosely. Maybe not play, but at least produce noises through it 🙂

Little Sister did my publicity shots for my solo kazoo project (since I am such a great kazoo-er now). Photo credit: A. L. McElhaney

At the Earth Day Jam,  someone in the crowd yelled out, “I’m Not Scared.” And although it wasn’t on our set list, we decided to go ahead and do it. Just for fun, we each took a kazoo and instead of my lame harmonica solos, we did the solo parts in three part kazoo harmony. It was fantastic! I was so pleased that I tried during practice last night (to no avail) to finagle a kazoo solo into a song for our shows this weekend. Although I was denied the joy of spotlighting my blossoming kazoo skills, I’m living grateful, so I won’t be dismayed. Instead, I’ll focus on the blessings that we have coming this weekend: Libby!

This Friday, April 30th, the Sarah Mac Band will be releasing the next single in the Single Revolution, “Dead Revolutionaries.  We will be joined by our friend, violinist Libby O’Neill, as well as local new-grass trio, The New 76ers (whose tagline on Myspace is fittingly: “..a new kind of revolution… “). If you have yet to pre-order and reserve your copy of “Dead Revolutionaries,” I would suggest doing so sooner than later. Remember the promise behind the Single Revolution is that we are only printing 100 limited edition copies of each single. Now that the idea has caught on, they are selling much faster than they ever have before. You can also reserve a table for the show by emailing: info@sarahmacband.com.

If you’re not in Tallahassee, we’ll also be in Panacea, FL on Saturday, headlining the Panacea Blue Crab Festival.  This will mark our third weekend in a row at the coast. They’ve been like living masterpieces so far, and I’m starting to get used to it, which is a big deal for me because I don’t even like the beach (super scared of creatures that swim)! We’re  hoping for the same agreeable weather on Saturday. You guys can swim and I’ll stay safe on land and sing.

Before I recap, I’ll share one more thing with you. In addition to releasing the new, album version of “Dead Revolutionaries” on Friday night, we’re also going to debut a brand new song, absolutely, one hundred percent FTIP (that’s how we refer to a song on it’s First Time in Public in the Sarah Mac Band family).  Here’s a little video that I took last night during rehearsals of that new song… notice how Libby so tactfully nixes my kazoo solo.


Sarah Mac Band and Libby O’Neill with the New 76ers

Friday, April 30th at the American Legion Hall

Doors, 7:30, show starts at 8:00

Tickets are $10, email info@sarahmacband.com to purchase a table.

I”ll see y’all there. And as much as you mean to the Sarah Mac Band, I’m living grateful so I will choose not to mourn you if you’re not there. I’ll celebrate the blessings instead, and hope to see you again soon!

Don't let the smile fool you, folks. Libby's not living grateful yet and if you don't come, she'll be so distressed that she sticks her bow through her eyes!


8 responses to “Learning to Live Grateful and Getting Ready for a CD Release Party

  1. I think that Claire and I actually play a little better than that video would lead one to believe. We were trying to make up a cool run we could use in the new song. Hope it works out.


  2. At first I though Charlie was giving Claire a lesson or something. I lol’d.


  3. Charlie (H, not V)

    Not sure who the Wood Stove Clan are, but we still love you. You were just competing with keeper redfish.

  4. Is that an M13 on Charlie’s pedal board? I haz won two!

    I love that thing, but it’s kinda big.

  5. Don’t shoot me please! lol

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