Banner week, eh?

“Hip-hip hooray, talk to me and I’ll be a saint.” Although I have Margot and the Nuclear So-and-So’s  on repeat in my head, I’m currently listening to a musical marathon of the Indigo Girls. All of this is in preparation for the big Indigo Girls show in Tallahassee next week. I’m super-excited and ready to check another thing off of my life-long-to-do list (because I’ve been a fan for almost 15 years and I’ve still never seen them live)! As much as I’m listening to gear up, I am not so prepared as some of my more militant IG fan friends that have already chosen their outfits for the event.  Although I will concede that the perfect outfit is very important for something as monumental as checking an item off of your life-long-to-do list, right now, I’m more concerned with getting the right outfit together for our show on Friday night!

That’s right! This Friday, February 26th the Sarah Mac Band will be hosting a cd release party for the fifth single in our Single Revolution, “Flicker,” at 8PM at the American Legion Hall in Tallahassee.  Grant Peeples will be opening with a rousing set of his clever, heart-felt, acoustic folk (anti-folk?) music. Since we haven’t played in town in a while, and because we’re releasing one of our singles at this show, we’ve been working diligently in preparation (way more than just picking out our outfits!).  It is guaranteed to be all kinds of crazy… just look at a photo that one of the paparazzi snapped during one of our rehearsal sessions.

Right now, the Indigo Girls are singing about how reading Virginia Woolf for the first time absolutely shook Emily Saliers down to the core (in a good way). For a moment, I was swept away in that song, likening it to my experience with Margaret Atwood, whom I was lucky enough to see in person this week (Check another item off of my life-long-to-do list!! And I had a great outfit for that one… complete with curled hair!!)

Wow—it really has been a banner week for me, eh? (That’s my Canadian style english in honor of Margaret Atwood, the Olympics, and this fantastically attractive, but obnoxious comedian that we saw when we were in Atlanta last week) Checking two things off of my life-long-to-do list, AND a cd release party in-between?  With the exception of my special wine that I’m hoarding at my house and the recipes that my sister handed down to me, I’m pretty willing to share. So if your week isn’t going as well as you’d like it to, please come to our show on Friday. We’re more than happy to share our exuberance and our new single. Grant will share his humor and fire. I’ll bubble over and probably talk way too long about how exciting it was to see Margaret Atwood, and then Claire and Charlie will share their time-tested tactics at getting me to shut up on stage.

See you then!


Sarah Mac

CD Release Party for “Flicker”

This Friday, February 26th

American Legion Hall, Tallahassee

Doors open at 7:30, show starts at 8:00

Cost: $10


2 responses to “Banner week, eh?

  1. Wow. I’m digging that gator.
    Is that thing real?

  2. For those who are wondering, I can attest that the gator IS real. Sarah was happy; Claire was freakin’, and Charlie was just amused by it all.

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