The Hideaway Studio & Cafe 1.22.10

yes…..Sarah’s red heels.

Sarah got a new fancy digital camera for Christmas, so apparently she now takes pictures from the stage…


John Kelly (owner of The Hideaway), Claire, Charlie, Mark Huhta (Dobro player extraordinaire), Sarah Mac, and Christian.


5 responses to “The Hideaway Studio & Cafe 1.22.10

  1. Hey- you guys were awsome at The Hideaway! We got CD’s and have become fans. When will you be back inSt. Pete?

  2. Will you be anywhere close to St. Pete. sooner?

  3. Not that I know of right now. Looks like Tallahassee is the closest we’ll be to St. Pete for a while.

    I’m going to get in touch with John Kelly at the Hideaway right now to try to get something scheduled in April.

  4. Lovely photos.

    Sarah, you do not wear heals on stage do you?!

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