All the cool kids are doing it…..


You might be thinking, “What is it? I want to be a cool kid, too!”  Our research team has been feverishly working in the Sarah Mac Band laboratories, and we are ecstatic to unveil our new product, available now to our fans and friends before it’s available to the rest of the general public. Our product has been clinically proven to increase coolness, help you make friends, fill your social calendar with engaging events that will heighten your social status, and give you great, heartwarming memories that will last for years to come!

Sarah Mac Band Seven Steps to Social Success™ Program

Because we’re generally altruistic and believe that everyone should have access to good things (as evidenced by our 2009 Name Your Own Price, Pay What You Can Merchandise Sale) we decided to use our blog and email list to distribute our product to you, our fans, FOR FREE! Here’s all you have to do:

Sarah Mac Band Seven Steps to Social Success™

Step 1: Go to the Sarah Mac Band store and pre-order your copy of the newest single in the Single Revolution, “I’m Not Scared.” Pre-orders are open today for those who purchased the previous single, “Alive Again” and will open for the rest of the public tomorrow, Tuesday, November 10th.

Whether it’s trendy clothing, concert tickets, or Chihuahuas that they use as accessories, cool kids always have the newest, hippest thing.

Step 2: Clear your calendar for this Saturday night, November 14th. Get a babysitter, blow off game night with the in-laws, ignore whatever football game you were planning on watching…

Cool kids always make the hippest, coolest events their number one priority.

Step 3: Fill up the gas tank in the car and head north across the state line into Georgia (carpool with other cool kids to reduce your carbon footprint!)

Cool kids always know where the party is, even if it’s in a relatively, obscure, small town. Think of the Sundance Film Festival in the early days…

Step 4: Make it to the Submarine in Thomasville, GA to be a part of our CD RELEASE PARTY for the newest single in the Single Revolution, “I’m Not Scared.” We will be joined by special guest, Libby O’Neill. Doors open at 8, show starts at 8:30.

Contrary to what people might think, cool kids are always on time. Punctuality is the new black. Plus, Libby is a cool kid, too.

Step 5: Pay the $5 admission to the show. Unless you have already purchased one of the singles, in which case, admission is free!

Cool kids understand that there is a cost to being cool. Thus, in order to be able to afford the newest fad, they always capitalize on opportunities to get the biggest bang for their buck.

Step 6: Pick up your special surprise gift at the door which will enable you to participate in the audience participation portion of the evening. 

Cool kids relish in opportunities to have an exclusive shared experience with other cool kids. It helps build a collective identity of “cool.”

Step 7: This is the most important step! Invite all of your friends to come.

Having knowledge of exclusive events and the authority to invite people to them greatly increases others perceptions of your social value and elevates you to cool kid status with very little effort on your part.  Of course, we already knew that you were cool because you’re our friend! But you can use this as your chance to spread the good will and pay it forward in the hopes that others might reap the same benefits.

See you there!

What: CD Release Party for “I’m Not Scared” with special guest, Libby O’Neill

When: Saturday, November 14th

Where: The Submarine, 218 W. Jackson Street, Thomasville, GA

Doors at 8:00, Show at 8:30

I'm Not Scared


3 responses to “All the cool kids are doing it…..

  1. Terry Schneider RN

    After attending the 2/26 show at the American Legion last night I just had to say that the band is getting better and better, the sound is cleaner (new equipment?) and we had a really good time.

    Thanks for working so hard and playing so well.

    • Thanks so much Terry! We really appreciate it! The cleaner sound could be attributed to a combination of a few things: new fancy main speakers from J.B. Ritter (our sound guy), Charlie’s new Nolatone boutique amp, or the fact that J.B. convinced me to play without a bass amp to create a cleaner sound.

      I’m so glad you all had a good time!

  2. Terry, thanks for the comments. they are really encouraging to us. This is the kind of stuff that keeps us working to get better. Charlie

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