Sommelier: Handy Vocabulary for Trivial Pursuit

Sommelier: Handy Vocabulary for Trivial Pursuit

My housemate has a friend who is a sommelier. What a cool word, eh? For those of you (who like me) can’t afford to go to a fancy restaurant that employs a sommelier, or who haven’t read Ruth Reichl’s books (side note: if you still have my copy of one of her books, please give it back!!) in order to know how important one of those guys is, please use this opportunity to learn and then tuck the knowledge away for future use in Trival Pursuit.

The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics explains that a sommelier “is skilled in the art of matching wine with food to augment the food’s flavor.” Shayn, the 2002 Washington Wine Commission Sommelier of the Year, who is featured in the linked article, says that his job is to “demystify wine.”

That’s a really cool way to look at it—to sort of make wine less haughty-taughty and more accessible. Because really, who in real life knows about wine? I mean, I hang with people who pretend to (because that’s what you do when you’re young , hip, single, and trying to be sophistocated), but they just talk big with the assumption that nobody else really knows enough to know that they’re faking it. And since I know enough (from my Wine for Dummies book that Charlie gave me for Christmas last year) to know that they’re faking it, but not enough to contradict them and make any kind of intelligent argument, I just let it slide.

Recently, I was introduced to the sommelier friend indirectly, when I opened our refrigerator to find four new bottles of wine chilling. I decided that he was my favorite of all of my housemate’s friends as I took advantage of his generosity and poured myself a big ol’ glass of the white with the prettiest label. I later found, much to my surprise, that the wine I chose is also the sommelier’s favorite of all of the bottles that he sent home. Apparently I have good taste in wine… French wine, no less (which undoubtedly make it that much more grown-up and chic)!

Interestingly , my favorite wine is also French wine. Some of you may have been at Chez Pierre on the night that the very attractive bar tender jumped on stage and handed me a glass of the best wine I have ever tasted and then acted like he was going in for a kiss? I didn’t take him up on the kiss because I’ve spent 28 years avoiding herpes…and well, you never know. But, I did take him up on the wine, which was phenomenal. I always look forward to Chez Pierre shows, not just for the beautiful scenery, fun atmosphere and the dancers, but also in anticipation of the taste of that wine that I’ll have afterwards (since we don’t drink when we’re working… except Claire because she’s a rebel).

Lucky for me, we’re booked to play Chez Pierre again this weekend. This time, I might actually switch it up and try the mystery French white with a little added party atmosphere. I’m sure that it will be that much better! We’ll see if I can track down the sommelier friend to find out what it is. The bottle has long since been emptied and sent out to the recycle, so I can’t check the pretty label again.

Come out to Chez Pierre on Saturday night, October 10th. We’ll be providing music and other entertaining hijinks from 7-11, and then I’ll start drinking white wine!

Outside of having the best wine ever, and celebrating the fact that we’re playing at home again after a lot of traveling, we’re trying to finish out the “Alive Again” Single Revolution discs this weekend. The last time we played at Chez Pierre, we sold out of “Something Beautiful,” selling 26 in one night. There are far less than that left of the “Alive Again” singles… not even half that many. If you’re reading this and you suddenly remember that you’d like to have one and have yet to buy it, I would encourage you to do so now form our online store. I’m not totally sure that we have enough to make it to this weekend.

Alive Again

We’re excited to finish “Alive Again” out so that we can get started on production of the next song in the Revolution, “I’m Not Scared.” Kids, believe me, if you have been impressed by what we’ve put out so far in the Revolution, you will certainly not be disappointed in the next one. Keep it on your radar. Keep us on your radar. Come out and see us on Saturday and keep your fingers crossed for great weather!

Until we meet again…. High five!


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