Horse, Flamingo, Penguin and Chicken Wing

The facts were these…

I was at Charlie’s house, in his kitchen, baking cupcakes with my sister, Annie (using our other sister’s secret recipe).

Charlie was in another room practicing his guitar.

Charlie’s daughter, Sally, was in yet another room playing on her computer.

Suddenly, all were drawn into the kitchen by the warm, chocolatey aroma of Sugar and Spice Bakery‘s Best Chocolate Cake recipe cupcakes with chocolate buttercream icing and white chocolate drizzle.

Charlie really wanted a cupcake, but Annie was going to make him work for his dinner. Her new favorite Sarah Mac Band song is “Reaper” (one of the upcoming singles in A Single Revolution). So in exchange for a cupcake, Charlie was playing “Reaper.”

I’m not sure how exactly it happened, because I was intently putting white chocolate drizzle on cupcake tops in an artful fashion…  suddenly I looked up to find both Sally and Annie dancing like crazy to “Reaper” in their best Sarah-Mac-dancing-on-stage-imitation. It was one of those moments that I wished that I had a video camera, or even just a high tech phone that takes pictures. They danced and danced, with Sally jumping up on a footstool so that she would be tall enough to really get the full Sarah Mac effect (because she’s only like five feet tall).

I’m sure that I’ve blogged before about the first time that I saw myself dance on video and how I was so embarrassed… I yelled at Charlie and Claire, “Why do you let me humiliate myself like that?!?!? One of you should lean over and say, ‘Sarah, STOP’.”

Before he joined AmeriCorps and was still around in Tallahassee, our friend Ruben Lane used to come to all the shows and became quite familiar with my dance moves, coining special names for each of them. Some notables were “the horse” and “the flamingo.” Now he’s gone and my moves have evolved as I’ve grown to appreciate (and balance better in) high heeled shoes. Now I’ve also got, “the penguin” and “the chicken wing.” Interesting that they are all named after animals…

I would encourage you to come out and see us soon to check out the special moves mentioned above… We’re going to be at the American Legion Hall tomorrow night (Friday, April 24th) for Bob Nite (all Bob Dylan covers), Saturday during the day in Jacksonville at the Riverside Arts Festival, then Saturday night at Freebird Live in Jacksonville at the beaches. Then Sunday, we’ll be back in town for teh SAAM benefit at Lake Ella. A jam packed weekend with many chances to pick up a dance move or two… or maybe share one of your own as did our Sarah Mac Band dancers at our RR Square gig last weekend (don’t worry, their parents are okay with us taking their pictures and putting them online– we’re not creepsters).

SMB Dancers


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