Something Beautiful

Hi everyone! I hope that your gardens are growing well… all of your little seedlings found good ground to put roots down in and didn’t get washed away in the storm yesterday. I was so excited about everyone’s response to the seedling adoption party that we had at our Warehouse show last weekend! Yay, you! Don’t forget that it’s been scientifically proven by thousands of third grade science fair projects that talking to your plants makes them grow better.
In other news, I’ve been getting lots of questions about the next single in A Single Revolution lately…

1.What’s the next song?

2.When will it be released?

3.What does it feel like to wake up every morning and know that you guys are the most prolific and influential songwriters of this era?

Here are the answers:

1. The next song to be released is “Something Beautiful.” It’s an oldie, but a goodie. We wrote it several years ago, but never felt like we quite had it where we wanted it. Then, when we started working with Dave at Winterstone Productions, we finally felt like we got the song to a place that really fit us. Or as Charlie likes to say, “we found the song.” So, thanks to Dave, the next song to be released in our little musical revolution will be “Something Beautiful.”

2. As we said before, we’re releasing the second single in the revolution once we’ve sold out of the first one. I don’t know how soon that will be… honestly, I don’t even know the exact numbers right now. But over the weekend, I checked the box, and I think that there were about 15 of the limited edition “Burden Beast” singles remaining. And I delivered another one to a proud new owner this morning. My advice would be to go ahead and order it if you’re still considering it. Otherwise, you might lose your opportunity in the next few days. And obviously, given the fact that “Burden Beasts” are disappearing at a pretty good clip, I would expect “Something Beautiful” to hit the market sometime in the next few weeks (however, that’s more of a Sarah Mac Band business team question… and by business team, I mean Claire and Charlie).

3. I made that question up… people don’t really ask us that. Although if they sincerely did ask that, I’d probably be so shocked that I wouldn’t be able to formulate an answer.

What I can answer is the next question that you didn’t ask: “How do you feel about the new single, Sarah?”
I’m really excited about bringing “Something Beautiful” out to meet everyone. For one thing, it’s both my sister’s and my dad’s favorite Sarah Mac Band song. That immediately gives it some special significance. But on top of that, it’s been giving me lots to think about lately.

Outside of gardens, Ed Harris, and Jeannie, from Sleepin’ Dogz (all universally considered beautiful by those who encounter them), I don’t know what else might qualify as “something beautiful” to others. I talked to Claire about it and then we decided that we would open it up to you, our fans, family and friends, to see what you think. Part of it is just out of curiosity and another chance to foster togetherness with you guys. The other part of it is to gauge your taste. I mean, you like us, or you wouldn’t be following our blog– so we want to see if your ideas of beautiful, pleasant looking/feeling/sounding/tasting (and I guess) smelling things match our ideas. Isn’t that an interesting experiment?

I don’t really know how we’ll do this. Originally, I thought that you could email us a photo (please make sure that it’s not a dirty photo, I might get a little creeped out by that) at info [at] sarahmacband [dot] com and we would start a “Something Beautiful” photo album section on our website (yeah, I haven’t told our webmaster about this yet). But, maybe it could be more than photos, maybe poetry and little thoughts, I don’t know. Be creative and we’ll find a way to accomodate that.

Okay, well.. who’s excited? Me. And hopefully you. I’m leaving you with some of my personal beautiful somethings. Although, honestly, I don’t actually own a camera, so these beautiful somethings are photos that I ripped off of my friends’ facebook pages…


family dinners

family dinners


puppies (when they're not pooping on the floor)

puppies (when they're not pooping on the floor)

flowers on your back porch

flowers on your back porch



And now for your submissions…..keep them coming!





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  1. Yay! Zoe is on your blog!!! Beautiful, just beautiful.

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