4/10/09 at the Warehouse: Sarah Mac Band Community Garden

….and I love gardens.

I’m not entirely sure what is so appealing about them. Maybe it makes me feel like I’m more a part of the bigger picture. Maybe it’s the idea of the elements combining in a way that fosters an environment where a little stone can intuit its way into a living, breathing, vibrant thing. Regardless, I love to look at the little green tendrils folding their way through the black dirt. I love to watch the progression through the days as the leaves begin to spread and eventually rid themselves of the shell of the seed that once housed all of their future potential.

My heart was also marked one year at a Cinco de Mayo party. I was sitting on the porch being a jerk with a margarita and another couple arrived carrying a basket of fresh produce from their garden for the hosts. Not only was I impressed by the fact that they were actually able to grow real live vegetables like you can buy at Publix (the world’s fastest growing employee owned supermarket, where shopping is a pleasure), but I thought that it was so sweet to share the bounty with others. And I decided that I didn’t want to be a margarita drunk at a Cinco de Mayo party, but rather a sweet, bounty-sharing gardener instead.

This is the first year that I’ve been able to have a garden. Every year since my gardening awakening, I’ve been living in someone else’s house, where I didn’t have the freedom to dig up the yard as I pleased. The same is true this year. Although I wasn’t able to convince anyone here that a garden is a good idea, my parents graciously consented to hosting my garden in one of their fields this time around.

It was an intense process. I did quite a bit of research—what grows well in this climate, what variety of each plant and vegetable is best for my soil type and area, when and where I should plant, timing, everything. Then, because I don’t actually have any space to my name, I didn’t have a place that I could start my seedlings. Covering every flat surface in your home with little peat cups is not generally considered a best practice in house sharing circles. As I was brainstorming possibilities, several people rose to the occasion, offering to start some of my seeds (including one sixth grade science class at Swift Creek Middle School). So we split up seed packets and went to work cultivating sweet little leafy babies.

My friend Denise (former bass player for Gainesville band, Redboy and current bass player for Marcé) learned from her daddy that you never plant until the last full moon before Easter. That would be… um, now. So, today, along with my mini-me, my sisters and my grandma, I transplanted a million little plants of a million different varieties into the earth in my parents’ front field.

Sarah Mac Garden 1

Although my garden plot is bigger than the great room at our house, we still had more seedlings than land for them. I couldn’t figure out what to do with all of the extras. Then, Maggie, the proprietress of Textures Handmade Market (and one of my seedling foster moms) suggested that we spread the love. Before the Sarah Mac Band show tomorrow, she will help me prepare my extra cucumbers, yellow squash, zucchini, eggplants, and watermelons for adoption. We’ll bring them tomorrow night to the warehouse and give them away to anyone who would be willing to take them home and give them some ground to live in. It’s our way to pay it forward. I obviously can’t leave a basket of fresh vegetable on the doorstep of all of our fans, but I can still share my bounty and hope that it gives you enough to do the same.

.. ..

Friday, April 10th

Sarah Mac Band with Paxico via Mexico and Evan Mathews

The Warehouse

Show starts at 9:00


Sarah Mac Garden 2


See you then!


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