Bob Dylan Covers

Okay….we’ve probably asked most of you for suggestions of Bob Dylan songs for us to cover. Just thought we’d update you on what we’ve heard so far:

Lay Lady Lay (Nashville Skyline, 1969)
Heart of Mine (Shot of Love, 1981)
Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright (The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, 1963)
Desolation Row (Highway 61 Revisited, 1965)
Gotta Serve Somebody (Slow Train Coming, 1979)
Hurricane (Desire, 1976)
I Want You (Blonde on Blonde, 1966)
Just Like a Woman (Blonde on Blonde, 1966)
Make You Feel My Love (Time Out of Mind, 1997)**
Tangled Up in Blue (Blood on the Tracks, 1975)
The Times They Are A-Changin’ (The Times They Are A-Changin’, 1964)

**We’re thinking we’ll definitely do this one. In fact, the exact phrasing of the request from our friend Eric was: “If you DON’T cover To Make You Feel My Love, there will be a beating.” We like to avoid those situations.

Thanks for all of the suggestions! Feel free to keep them coming. We are going to learn 4 or 5 and only have 1 or 2 in the works so far. To see the first one live, come to our show at the Warehouse this Friday, April 10 at 9pm.

By the way, if you don’t know all of the above songs, check out Bob Dylan’s website. You can listen to all of them there. Great website. And NO, we are not being paid by Bob Dylan for any of this.


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