A Single Revolution…Coming March 14th!

MORE big news from SMB land!  By now, you’ve probably heard rumors about “A Single Revolution.”  Well…. here’s what all the talk has been about.


Let’s hearken back to the days of old, and by that we mean the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Some of you may not remember this time. It was definitely a different musical landscape from today, an era characterized by the ‘old 45’ record.  The release of a single 45 by a band was always the coolest, biggest news and source of excitement.

Over the next few months, the Sarah Mac Band will borrow from said past era and release a series of singles. We have been feverishly working on new material and have several songs that we’re recording to share with our fans. We call it “ A Single Revolution,”  a series of singles that will ultimately take you on a magical, musical Macband journey.

One of the big challenges we faced with project is the expense. It is very costly to release a series of singles. Since we’re all ‘indie’ and ‘do it yourself,’ we don’t have a big record label to underwrite our costs. We do, however, have loyal fans… Fans who have been there since the beginning, spreading the word, telling their friends, hanging out after shows, sending us encouraging emails, and always showing up, rain or shine (seriously… who remembers last summer?). Since we like you best, we thought that it would be fun if you, our fans, became our record label. Together, we’re going to pull this one off.

On March 14th at Potbelly’s in Tallahassee, we will release the first single of the Revolution, our new song ‘Burden Beast.’ You may recall it from recent shows. With the recording, we have created a new and exciting interpretation of this song.

You may wonder how you could help finance this recording. We have already paid for ‘Burden Beast’ and will offer it as a free download on our website for 2 weeks after the release date.  This is our gift to the fans that follow us, stick with us, and get our e-newsletter. Let’s face it; you guys are the reason we still exist.  After 2 weeks it will be available for purchase on iTunes,  but the email list fans will already have it for free. (See… there ARE advantages to being on the email list!)

There will also be a select few who will also have the opportunity to help finance the next single. We will press a limited run of 100 CDs of ‘Burden Beast.’  Each CD will be numbered for authenticity, signed by the band and sold for $10.

$10 may seem like a lot for just one song, but ultimately you are getting much more than a CD with one song on it. First, it is one of only 100 limited edition singles that will be sold. We will never press any more of this CD no matter what we are offered. With the purchase of a CD, you also receive a password that will give you access to a special place on our website containing videos and extras about ‘Burden Beast’ and ‘A Single Revolution.’

More importantly, your $10 will be used to finance thenext single. When we sell the 100 ‘Burden Beast” recordings, we will put out the next single… Thanks in large part to our financial backers (that would be you). The new CD will list the people who made it possible, our record label, namely, the ones who bought the first CD.

We are NOW taking pre-orders for the first limited edition CD ‘Burden Beast’ of the Revolution.  If you order first, you get CD #1 and so on.  Once they are gone, there will be no more. Delaying could cause you to miss out until the next single.

And… now you know… Let’s work together and start A Single Revolution sponsored by the fans instead of the record labels. Get moving now and be a part of the Revolution!

To PRE-ORDER your copy of BURDEN BEAST, visit the SMB Online Store!  FREE SHIPPING! 

Thanks for your encouragement and support!

Peace Out,


3 responses to “A Single Revolution…Coming March 14th!

  1. Wow, that’s the coolest idea for a CD release that I’ve ever heard. I like how you assured us that there won’t be any more than 100 pressed so the value will stay high.

    I got the single not just to support you guys as a band, but also to support this idea of grassroots growth.

    An interesting experiment, I hope it succeeds.

  2. I like the formulating of this revolution. Very strategic. Who is the mastermind??
    I think that is pretty creative.

  3. Very creative idea! I can’t wait to hear how this turns out for you guys – please keep us updated!

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