Howdy, 2009.

Before we let anymore of 2009 slip by, I wanted to post what I think are my favorite SMB pictures from 2008. Feel free to comment and/or send me your favorites too.

"Willie" Keli and I doing our best Willie impressions.

January 2008. 


charlie falls
Charlie started running and diving (trying to get the picture to capture him in the air).
January 2008. 


charlie down Alas, he never seemed to really leave the ground.

January 2008. 


PBR and ciggy
Keli and Sarah outside the Caffe da Vinci in Deland, FL (i love the can of PBR and the ciggy, neither are theirs). March 2008.


Sarah Mac in Atlanta Music Guide
Sarah Mac featured in the Atlanta Music Guide. Photo taken at Smith’s Olde Bar. May 2008.


The Crimson Moon Cafe
SMB at our new favorite place, the Crimson Moon in Dahlonega, GA.

Amazing food. Great listening room. May 2008.


Africa Pants
SMB modeling our new amazing Africa pants brought to us by our Unseen Stories friends. June 2008.


Charlie Vera
Charlie never leaves his Vera Bradley bag behind when traveling with the SMB.

So, we made him his own gig bag pattern for his birthday. July 2008.


Sarah Mac @ Chez Pierre
Sarah Mac at the Unseen Stories Benefit at Chez Pierre. November 2008.


Sarah Mac and Keli at Bear Creek
Sarah Mac and Keli at Bear Creek Music Festival. November 2008.


Keli TV
“Keli TV” in the recording studio. We spent roughly 10 hours talking to, looking at, and playing with Keli like this.

Good times. December 2008.


Open Fire Tattoo
One of our favorite fans (and friends) got the artwork from Open Fire tattooed on her thigh.

That’s the kind of dedication we like to see. 🙂 December 2008.


So….those are my favorites. If you have pictures you think I should consider for my 2009 list, let me know.  Happy New Year…a little late.  -C

P.S. I found a few more that I really like. I forgot about these….

Sarah Mac at Mojo's in Jax Beach
Sarah Mac at Mojo’s BBQ & Blues Kitchen in Jacksonville Beach, FL. April 2008.

Sarah and Charlie at Smith's Olde Bar
Sarah Mac and Charlie listen to Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons soundcheck.
Smith’s Olde Bar. October 2008.

Pre-New Year's Eve show.
During SMB sound check on New Year’s Eve. December 2008. Photo by Maggie Willman.


Proposal on NYE 2008/2009
A New Year’s Eve Proposal. She said yes.

I guess this was technically 2009. Oh well. Photo by Ashley Poole.


3 responses to “Howdy, 2009.

  1. I’m so excited/jealous that you went to my hometown, DeLand, and I didn’t get to see. BOO.

    Soon we’ll have to post pics from the New Years Bash at the Co-Op. That was a kind of monumental SMB show, if I do say so myself. 😉


  2. Ahhh, man! Maybe I’ll have to go back and add a picture to my faves of 2008. It was definitely a momumental and memorable SMB show!

  3. Who got proposed to? Sarah? Aww hope shes not off the market 😛

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