Please don’t browse the internet naked anymore….

Howdy to all of our friends out there in the real world. This is Sarah Mac… inside your computer… dying to get out, or at least give you a little bit of a clue as to what it looks like from in here. How funny would that be if I really were inside your computer and could see you right now? I would have to say in my blogs, “Please don’t browse the internet naked anymore… that makes me uncomfortable.”

We’re getting ready to go into the studio. T-minus two days. On Sunday we will begin recording our next project. We have alot of material and are very excited about getting it out there to you. In fact, we’ve been brainstorming a whole lot lately about new, creative ways to get our music out to you in an affordable, convenient way. Not that we don’t love selling you guys cds (we really love to sell you cds… every cd sold is a little bit more in the college funds of our potential future children). But we also realize that in a world of downloading and burning, that the traditional cd format is becoming obselete. So, we’re trying to figure out how to get stuff out there in a way that will be accessible and mutually beneficial to you our fans, and to us, the musicians who are trying really hard to make a living doing this. Look for future blogs about this. We have ag rand master plan, but I’m not sure that we’re ready to unveil it just yet. Know though that it’s pretty cool and innovative. And even if the grand master plan fails miserably, we’ll still have a whole album’s worth of new material that we’re really proud of.

As you guys know, Keli’s going away gigs got cancelled last weekend. I’m not sure that they will actually be rescheduled. Since we’re currently committing so much time to writing and recording new stuff, I don’t know where another show will fit into the mix. Once again, like finding out about the new and innovative way that we’re planning on delivering the new material, you’ll have to keep in touch with us to find out if and when another going away show for Keli will be planned. Check the website, this myspace site, our facebook site, or sign up for our email list to get all the lastest up to date news.

Thank to all of you who were praying for us and thinking of us last weekend during our emergency that cancelled the going away shows. It all ended on a sad note as Charlie’s mother-in-law passed away. I think that everyone is doing okay (as much as you can in the situation) and we really appreciate all of the support and kindness that you guys have been showing us, Charlie and Charlie’s family as you’ve been finding out what’s going on.

One of the things that has been so nice (and completely unexpected) as we’ve been growing as a band and building a fan base is that in many cases, you guys have begun to function like a family for us. It’s nice to have you around at shows to party in the good times, but it’s also been a blessing to get so many sweet emails and so much support during the sad times as well. So, thank you… we really appreciate you.

In other news, I’m getting excited about Christmas. For me, wrapping is one of the best parts. I love to wrap gifts! Something about those crisp folds and pretty bows just floats my boat like nobody’s business. Every year, it’s a big deal for me to pick out my paper.

This year, I’m mixing it up… trying a little bit of something different. Tonight, I was hand-me-downed a huge roll of really thick paper, navy blue with little tiny white dots. Although it’s not particularly Christmassy, I’m going with it because it looks so clean and nice. And you can do all kinds of ribbon accessorizing with something so uniform as tiny white dots on navy blue. This is in addition to the wrapping paper that I picked up on a trip to Germany last month. It’s a deep chocolatey brown with silver lettering, “Frohe Weihnachten.” As I’ve been wrapping gifts so far with this paper, it’s been brown and pink plaid ribbon as well as taupe with pink and brown polka dots.

I can’t decide if it’s supremely lame to blog about your Christmas wrapping paper. Well, the more I think about it, the better I feel about it. I’m sure that with the immense popularity of blogs, there absolutely must be more blogs that are lamer than mine than there are blogs that are cooler. Not because my blogs are that engrossing, but more so because there just can’t be that many cool blogs, right? I mean, at least, I don’t know them. But we have discussed before, in this venue actually, how incredibly internet illiterate I am, and how I am not good at finding cool websites. So maybe there are a ton of cool blogs out there and I just never knew…

Charlie was listening to Arianna Huffington (of The Huffington Post) on NPR the other day. As they were interviewing her about the popularity of her blog, she said that the key to a successful blog is to find something that you’re passionate about and just write about it. I am very passionate about nicely wrapped Christmas gifts… Or nicely wrapped gifts in general. So much so that in spite of my extreme anxiety in crowded places (shopping malls during the holidays, for example) I’m not sure that I could think of a job that would give me more satisfaction than being one of the gift wrappers in a department store. Well, a job other than being the singer in a band with Claire, Charlie and Keli, anyway. Maybe being a bad-assed baker like Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character in Stranger Than Fiction, but I’m really scared of the pain that accompanies tattooes. And I think that it automatically disqualifies you from bad-assed bakerness if you’re not a “tattoo girl.” So if I get fired from my band, I’m hitting up the malls to try and make it as a professional gift wrapper.

So, that is where I leave you… no pressure, but if you give me a present, I’m probably going to judge the wrapping before I very carefully pull it off and save the paper and ribbon to reuse for my own seamless, front pleated, clean creased creation.

Happy Holidays!

See you soon… hopefully with your robe on next time (see blog title if you don’t remember why).


2 responses to “Please don’t browse the internet naked anymore….

  1. I’m sorry to hear about Charlie’s mother-in-law. Merry Christmas.

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