When is good bad and when is bad good?

When your drummer finds her life calling- and it’s not playing music with your band.

Here at the Sarah Mac Band, we are sad to announce that our drummer Keli is leaving the band in order to finish her doctoral studies and then become a teacher. We are sad to see her go, but happy to see her discover her passion and find a tangible way to pursue that.

Keli will be in the studio with us at the end of the month to lay down the new material that we’ve written with her during her year and a half stint as the ring leader of our rhythm section. And then next weekend, December 12 & 13, we’ll be playing two shows at Chez Pierre, which we will celebrate as her farewell concerts.

Please mark your calendars now to give Keli a warm Sarah Mac Band family send off. Bring your friends as well- specifically those with rhythm- we’re currently auditioning people to be front row audience clappers to help us keep our pace steady as we return to our former incarnation of drum-less trio. We’ll also have sign up sheets at the Chez Pierre shows for those of you who would like to join the covered dish brigade to provide Keli with sustenance as she holes up in her apartment, diligently writing for the next three months and preparing to defend her dissertation.

As always, we thank you for your enormous support and encouragement in our new time of transition. We ask you to extend the same to Keli as she embarks on her new path. Even though she won’t be playing with us anymore, she has been an integral part of shaping us into who we are today both musically and personally and will always remain a part of the Sarah Mac Band family.

Peace Out,















One response to “When is good bad and when is bad good?

  1. awe… and yay for her and ya’ll at the same time.

    bittersweet I’m sure.

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