V89 Pics

Finishing the set list

Finishing the set list

in the V89 studio

in the V89 studio


We had a great time on V89 tonight! We survived the FREEZING studio- it seriously was about 45 degrees in there! Charlie kept the band and the studio engineers entertained by dancing around with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders. I think we’ll have to share some video with you all….

Hopefully we’ll be getting a recording of the performance and perhaps we’ll post a song or two.


3 responses to “V89 Pics

  1. Wife of Anti-Roadie

    So did Charlie bring the mattress in case he got tired?

  2. I almost look like a real musician in that picture. Good job with the photo shop

  3. Those amps look dope and Charlie has a freakin’ huge pedal board. I thought mine was pretty big, but dang!

    Ok, that last line sounded dirty… totally unintentional.

    Charlie, get a Line 6 DL4 and an MM4, or my new lustful obsession, the M13.

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