SMB Interview Part 3

I found ‘What You Need’ very easy to relate to. I loved it! Could you
talk me through that track a little? Specifically, could you shed some light
on what the lyric, “We still don’t know you like we know you want to be
known…” is alluding to?

SMB: We talk about this a lot. We are pretty convinced that one of the most common human desires is to be known. But for the most part, we all live these guarded lives, afraid to let people know who we are. We want people to know all of our deepest darkest secrets and all of our ugliness or things that we’re ashamed of, or scared to show, and then still to love us anyway. We want to be the kind of people that always err on the side of loving anyway, which doesn’t mean that it always plays out that way, but that’s the ideal.

SM: One of the things that I appreciate so much about working with these guys is that I feel like we have made a really solid commitment to love, respect, and support each other… period. With that comes a tremendous freedom to be yourself and not be scared that as soon as something really awkward, insensitive or selfish comes out of my mouth, that they’ll decide to ditch me and find another singer who is kinder and gentler. It also makes songwriting and working together easier. If one of us offers an idea that gets tossed, it doesn’t hurt our feelings because we know that it’s not a reflection of our feelings for each other. So we have the freedom to really be creative and not censor ourselves because nobody is going to judge you if you contribute a stupid idea. They might laugh at (with) you, but they won’t judge you and they won’t kick you out of the band for having dorky ideas.

CV: I agree with Sarah on this point but it is important that people understand that this ability to work together is really learned. Through experience I learn that my rejected ideas are not a reflection on me and my talent, or lack thereof, but reflect a desire to create the best song possible. I think as a band we recognize that talent wise each one of us is replaceable with someone of much greater ability but band wise none of us are replaceable.

The absolute stormer of a title track: Awakening! I felt that this track
showed the first indications of pain influencing lyrical content in a very
positive way… What are your thoughts and why did you decide to use it as a
title track?

SMB: Honestly, we decided to use it as the title track because we had a contest to name the cd and ‘Awakening’ won the contest. Interestingly enough, when we had a contest to name our first album, ‘Countdown to Silence,’ ‘Awakening’ was the name that was submitted the most [the song was on that album as well, without drums and production]. When it came up again and again in the second cd naming contest, we thought about it and decided that the whole concept of ‘awakening’ was a nice, encouraging way to frame our album, especially since it was our first full album as this incarnation of the band. We’re becoming who we are together.


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