SMB Interview- Part 2

If you don’t mind me asking, where on earth did you get the inspiration
for my personal favourite on the album, ‘Open Fire’? And would you say that
it is one of your most popular tracks? In my opinion, I think it’s an
amazing feminist anthem!

SMB: Yes, we would definitely say that ‘Open Fire’ is one of our most popular tracks. It was featured on the cd sampler that accompanied the May issue (#42) of Paste Magazine ( ). We’ve garnered quite a bit of interest recently in our music, which we attribute specifically to the fact that ‘Open Fire’ was included in that cd sampler.

As is with most of our songs, the inspiration was manifold; a composite of personal experiences and those observed and experienced vicariously through people we’ve known and cared about. Bigger than that, it’s about people’s desire for relationship with other people and for love. Often we settle for far less than what we deserve—because we’re scared to be alone, because we don’t believe that we deserve it, for whatever reason.

CV: It’s also important to note that the song is critical of relationships that do not see themselves as “us” but rather a “you” and “me.’ Yeah, it’s not supposed to be like that.


One response to “SMB Interview- Part 2

  1. You guys are such teases. Great interview thus far. 🙂

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