Where in the World is Charlie?

This morning, “Charlie” was at Starbucks on Tennessee Street (in the heart of the FSU campus).  I’ve gotten out of the practice of going to football games the last few years, so I think I must’ve forgotten the extremes to which rabid fans support their teams.  As I (Claire) walked into Starbucks, I quickly noticed that I was the ONLY person in the sea of people NOT wearing some version of garnet with a seminole head on their chest and/or painted on their cheek.  Instead, I proudly displayed Charlie “Your Hero and Mine” on my chest.  Several people stared at my shirt (I think trying to figure out why I would place any head other than a Seminole head on my chest on such a sacred day?!).  

All of this made me start thinking about the odd comments, questions, remarks I get EVERY TIME I wear my Charlie shirt.  (Last week in the grocery store, the cashier was arguing with me about whether it really WAS Al Borland (Tool Time) on my shirt.  I finally relented and agreed that it was, in fact, Al Borland and told her how much I LOVE Home Improvement…..I’m not sure she caught the sarcasm.)  I’m guessing you get questions too.  We’d love to hear your stories!  

You can now upload your very own “Where in the World is Charlie?” pictures on our Sarah Mac Band Flickr group page.    Check it out….we’ve already uploaded a lot of the pictures you guys have sent us.  Charlie has appeared in Boston, Seattle, Africa, London, Spain, Scotland, Guatemala, Washington D.C. and……even Bonifay!  

Charlie (and Kaitlyn) in front of the Washington Monument. (Washington D.C.)

Bonifay2 006
Charlie (and Keli) in the Bonifay RODEO parade. Yee haw. (Bonifay, FL)

Charlie and Bob Marley in West Africa.

If you don’t have your very own Charlie shirt, you can always purchase them at our shows or at our online store.    

Your Hero and Mine.


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